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Jun 25, 2008 01:46 PM

Who's cooking at Geronimo?

It looks like everyone has switched kitchens since my last visit to Santa Fe. I've heard rumors that Martin Rios is now at Geronimo since DiStefano jumped to Coyote. Can anyone confirm? Has anyone been since the changes? And what's happened to the menu?

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  1. Yes, Martin is now chef/part owner of Geronimo. No local reviews to be had since the switch. I'll keep an ear open for you.

    1. It's all true. Eric DiStefano is at Coyote Cafe and Martin Rios is at Geronimo.
      A few menu items at Geronimo remain. The Elk Tenderloin and Chile Prawns are still there, as well as the Romaine salad and the Tartare are pretty much unchanged. As for everything else, it's 100 percent Rios.
      A recent article in Local Flavor has him saying that he is using influences of southwestern and asian flavors and molecular cuisine in the framework of his french techniques to create a "contemporary global" style.
      I would say that overall things are great and Geronimo remains one of the top destination restaurants in Santa Fe.
      I haven't tried Coyote Cafe yet, but the menu looks great so try them out too.

      1. Geronimo has been one of my favorite in Santa Fe for almost a decade - so I was concerned about the change, but am happy to report that they have not missed a beat. The service was excellent - attentive, but comfortable. The wine list was well-matched to the food choices - though priced on the high end. And the food was excellent. The standards (elk and the chile prawns) were still there and, as Salt of the Earth noted, the changes on the menu nicely show off Rios' influences - like a deconstructed corn soup.

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          Glad you had a good meal. I'm a big Martin Rios fan so I did not jump in here; hoped others would.

          I've had two exceptional meals since he took over.

          Service remains exceptional. Food is better than ever but that is just my opinion.

          Best thing is that I believe the wine pricing is finally being scaled back slightly. No bargains but now tolerable.