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Jun 25, 2008 01:37 PM

Mike Anderson's BBQ- Dallas

Has anyone tried this place on Harry Hines? I have read mixed reviews but wanted to get some opinions before I try it.


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  1. Personally, I really like Anderson's BBQ. I think the brisket is pretty good. I love to go in and get a plate. Friendly and good food.

    I also really love the side dish that has Poblano in it, what it is called escapes me at the moment.

    1. I have just recently tried it, I work down near the place...OMG...It is very, very good, especially the ribs and all the sides are wonderful...This is absolutely one of my favorite places for BBQ! Nothing much to look at, but food is wonderful!

      1. Anderson's gets talked down a lot, but for Dallas it's not bad. It's not Central Texas nirvana, but it gets the job done and their sides are pretty good. I work across the street from them so I used to go pretty often. Not a bad area for BBQ: there's Anderson's, Sonny Bryan's and Big Al's all within about a mile of each other.
        Got to give him credit for opening up his place right around the corner from the original Sonny Bryan's (when he was considered the go to place in Dallas).

        1. We used to go here at least once a week when our offices were located there. Great pulled pork, awesome beans....and don't forget the cornbread!! The people working there are all really friendly, too. The portions are large and the prices are very decent. If you go at lunch, be prepared to wait in line, they get busy!

          1. Having been spoiled on homemade BBQ, I wasn't a fan of Mikes at first. But after I tried a few things there I began to enjoy it. My favorites are the monster baked potato and the polish sausage sandwich.