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Pulled Pork BBQ for party....close to Columbia

Looking to order some Pulled Pork BBQ for a birthday party at my house. Any suggestions of a good place that does catering orders (for about 35-40 people) close to Columbia, MD?

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  1. I think Kloby's opened a branch near Johns Hopkins Rd, possibly in a former bbq location.

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      In the old Smokey Hollow location? Can anyone confirm this? I like Kloby's, and would be happy to hear that they filled that spot.

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        Yes, it is in the old Smokey Hollow location and is a 2nd location of Kloby's.

    2. Depends how far you want to go...
      In Bowie -KBQ gets postive reviews on this board. I have not gone.

      Little closer and not quite as good Red, Hot and Blue in Laurel.

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          Agree - Andy Nelson's is very good. I live in E.C. but work in Timonium and we go there for lunch on a regular basis.

          Next to Crab Shanty on Rt. 40, there is a place called Pig Pickers (I think it is part of the Crab Shanty carry out). Been there a few times and it is decent.

        2. It depends how picky you are. You can try Smokey and Uncle Grube's in Elkridge, or famous Dave's in Columbia. Neither is what I would consider great for their pulled pork (I prefer a lot of smoke and less cloying sauce).

          1. Gotta go KBQ like MrsWheatie says. Solid pulled pork... really good sides as well. Best Sweet Tea in this area as well IMHO.

            1. I'm a Southern girl & have yet to find really good minced pork BBQ in this area. If you have a favorite, why not get what you really want? You can probably order your favorite on their website. One of my favorites is Dreamland BBQ out of Mississippi. I've ordered pulled pork & sauce from their website when it's been too long since my last visit. Arrived overnite packed in dry ice, which seems like a better idea than when I smuggle it in my checked luggage from ATL to BWI & pray the bottle of sauce doesn't break!

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                Dreamland started, and hails from Alabama, Tuscaloosa actually. They do have places up in Atlanta as well. Every time I go to Huntsville, or Birmingham that is where I end up sooner or later. To be honest, KBQ in Bowie is better.

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                  RobertM, I stand correct on the origin of Dreamland. I was using Dreamland as an example to demonstrate that if she had a favorite BBQ place outside this area, that it was pretty easy to have it delivered right to her door. BBQ is almost a religion to some people so for a special event (birthday party in this case) it might be really nice to have product from a special place. I will have to give KBQ another try after all of these recommendations.

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                    To tell you the truth, when I was in Birmingham I thought Full Moon BBQ ribs were good as well. but as you say, Dreamland was in more places. When I was there I was told the original owner was so big they had to bury him in a piano case. Then his daughter sold the place off to the current owners who franchised like Red Hot & Blue. Still good though.

              2. I'd go with either the Kloby's near JHU/APL; KBQ in Bowie; or the new Urban Barbecue in Silver Spring (go down 29 to New Hampshire Ave, go south and turn at the light just before the beltway).