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4 nights in san jose del cabo

we are staying at the cabo azul resort in sjdc for 4 nights the week before christmas. trying to decide on our dinners. don't want to venture in cabo san lucas so choices so far:

C (charlie trotter)

the restaurant at las ventanas

mi cocina

el chilar



la bodega steak

don emiliano

anyone have a preference or someplace i've overlooked?

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  1. Although I could not afford to stay at La Palmilla or Las Ventanas - it was nice to visit their restaurants and see the properties on the cheap! The ambiance at Las Ventanas was delightful but the experience at C was amazing. We chatted for a while with the manager who informed us that Trotter was taking his venture in Cabo very seriously and wanted to bring quality dining to the region - infact - that night Trotter himself was in the kitchen and Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud we both eating in the restaurant sampling the food!

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    1. We got back last night from Los Cabos and of your list, the one we tried and I can recommend is Mi Cocina. The setting and service were excellent, though both were probably aided by the fact that in low season, we were one of three filled tables. Still, the lighting, water feature, trees, etc. really made for one of the nicer settings we've eaten in for a while. The food was very good as well and priced reasonably by Los Cabos standards.

      Do you not want to go into Cabo San Lucas because of the general intensity of the place? We had several good meals there.

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        we're not party people and like to steer clear of super touristy places. that is mainly why we are going to steer clear of cabo san lucas.

      2. have to mention something else - many people recommended 'lorenzillos' restaurant to us - touristy expensive lobster house - and it was so exceptionally horrible i had to warn you - unless you like that kind of thing....

        1. We are just back from SDJ. Mi Cocina was by far the best meal we had (not including the taco stand that showed up at midnight during the wedding).
          My husband had the "Italian Sashimi" and I had the grilled romaine to start. His was fantastic. Sushi grade yellowtail, marinated and served with bread to dip.
          Next - I had the sea bass special and he had the baby back ribs. Mine was a winner but his was a close second. Well cooked & fresh, the fish had a light Romanesco sauce. His ribs came with two dipping sauces - a chimichurri and a chili sauce. Both great.

          Don Emiliano's was terrible. Truly awful. Substandard ingredients, expensive and bad flavors. The drinks, however, were strong.

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            I agree completely. Mi Cocina is an excellent restaurant in a lovely setting and also has a very good wine list. (Though the good Baja wines are three or four times more expensive than they are in Ensenada or the restaurants in the Valle de Guadalupe. Refrigerated transportation shipping costs, I suppose.)

            For a decent downscale meal (e.g. for lunch) there's [or was] a colorful Sinaloan restaurant on the square (south side) that serves tortilla soup (the style with beans).

            1. I have been to SJD 3 times and I'm going back in two weeks. We have stayed at Las Ventanas and Palmilla. We ate at LV, Esperanza and Palmilla. One of my favorites is Edith's in Los Cabos. It's near the beach in LC and it's open air with a great menu. I loved the food at LV and Esperanza. I like Agua at Palmilla better than C but I think it's because of the outdoor atmosphere. C makes you feel like you are in NYC. I was not fond of Mi Cocina. Have a great trip.

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                actually, i just heard that "c" is closing in september and that jean-georges might be taking over with his restaurant. i have heard mixed things about edith's but we were planning on not going into cabo san lucas to eat.

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                  Edith's is the best restaurant I have been to in Mexico............

              2. Woofer, you are correct: C will be closing at the end of August, and the new fine dining restaurant at One&Only Palmilla will be a new Jean*Georges restaurant. But don't count out Agua...Agua gets the short stick many times, but the food is absolutely amazing.

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                  There is a wonderful restaurant across the street from Encanto in the middle of town - inside the upscale furniture and accessories store - Paulina's I think. Had lunch there two days in a row. I am not certain if they serve dinner. And El Chilar is very good. Los Ventanas is closer to San Lucas than San Jose.

                2. I know this is late but I just got back from Cabo yesterday. Next time when you're in Cabo San Jose, try Deckman's ATHAVANA right outside Costa Azul. His inventive menu is out of this world. It's high-end dining at an unbelievably reasonable price! Freshly made from local produce so he changes his menu frequently. His octopus/ porkbelly/ cauliflower combination really rocked! Seared blue-fin tuna is given a nice twist which brightens the flavor each time you bite into it. Talk to Chef/ Owner Drew Deckman if you have a certain perference and let him surprise you. He's THAT good.

                  1. As long as an old thread has reopened, we were in Cabo last week as well:

                    Casiano's was great. A bunch of small inventive tapas style dishes made for a great evening with some unbelieveable tequila. my favorite was the black mullett canneloni stuffed with shrimp and a red sauce, and the lamb and filets were fork tender.

                    Morgans was so good we went twice. The appetizers are huge and you should consider spliting a few. My favorite was the fried artichokes and the brusshetta was outstanding. Entrees of steak and pork chops were fantastic. And make sure you enjoy the caramelized stuffed bread with the balsamic to start. The favorite dessert was the chocolate mousse.

                    For lunch we sat outside at Tropicana. My fish tacos were good but i would absolutely stay away from the nachos and chicken, looked like the after picture from a long night of drinking.

                    1. I noticed that there was a little bit of recent activity on this board, so I will throw this out - going to Los Cabos at the end of April with a bunch of college girlfriends and staying at La Esperanza, which I guess is closer to Cabo San Lucas. Can you recommend a place for a group of nearly 40 year old ladies - where the food will please the foodies among us, but the prices won't offend others, and the scene will be be buzzy/people watching good? Mother of 18-month-old and a 3 an 1/2 year old must maximize opportunities . . .