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high end and open for lunch

it seems a lot of the most expensive places are only open for dinner, e.g., prezza, oleana, meritage, hammersley's, clio -- as a random sample. is there anything expensive that's open for lunch besides radius?

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      1. L'Espalier is open for lunch. Doesn't get much more expensive than that, though if you are on a budget they have a really nice fixed price lunch too. The Lobster BLT gets wonderful reviews.

        Another option is Lock Ober. My father loves this for lunches in the city.

        1. Thanks for the tips. Anything else come to mind? That is still only a small fraction of the better restaurants...

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              It's OK but, I wouldn't run there for lunch or even dinner, too many great options in BOS. I does, however, qualify for being high priced, oops high end!

            2. Radius...especially since the chef just won the James Beard award..but he is leaving for bigger a bigger pond (manhattan) come min July

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                Been a few times for lunch, liked it better than dinner. For me it's about the quality and prep not the price.

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                  morton's seaport and lala rokh

              2. I haven't been in a whle, but I assume that No. 9 Park still serves lunch. All of the hotel restaurants, Mooo, KO Prime, etc. are open for lunch. In Cambridge, Upstairs at the Square is my favorite place, but Dante's at the Sonesta is also very good. I stopped by Scampo's this afternoon, and the decor alone is worth the price of admission.

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                  No. 9 stopped serving lunch about six months ago, alas. If the object is to spend a lot of money, many of the luxury steakhouses do lunch.

                  I don't much like Radius, but if I had to go, I'd rather at lunch, when it's less of a swindle. I guess that will become yet another adventure with a new exec chef to hire.

                  Some other fancy to fancy-ish places I'd consider (many repeats, many hotel venues here): Locke-Ober, L'Espalier, Cafe at the Taj, Neptune Oyster, Via Matta, The Bristol, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, Aquitaine, Pops, Eastern Standard, Petit Robert Bistro (South End), Pierrot Bistrot, Beacon Hill Bistro, Brasserie Jo, Mantra. Nice to know Scampo is open for lunch; I've enjoyed a couple of dinners there.

                2. As for the steak places I would reccomend the fFilet Mignon BLT @ Abe and Louie's. One of my go to plces for expense tab lunches.