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Jun 25, 2008 01:11 PM

Reasonable lunch during Stampede

Hi all,

I am racking my brains to think of somewhere that I can take a group of 6 colleagues for lunch, during Stampede week (not my choice of date). Our offices are close to the Stampede Grounds (worse again!) but we could walk as far as Stephen's Ave, or drive somewhere like 17th/slightly further if necessary. My main criteria are that lunch needs to be pretty reasonable (under $20 per person if possible) and I need to be able to book in advance.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Many of the nicer places are not very busy during Stampede, including those on Stephen Ave. Under $20 (not including drinks) might be a bit light but for not much more you could try Divino, Blink, the bar at Tribune (all on Stephen Ave). Haven't found anything near the Stampede that would be worth the effort.

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      There are a couple of Ital places very near the grounds on 17th Ave- one is Da Guido, the other is a block or so east of there and I've heard good things- then there is the newer Ital place N of the grounds by the new Stampede Casino- You also have Cilantro on 17th east of 4 St SW... actually there are lots of options, and none that I've listed is very expensive (Cilantro can be depending on what you order but that's the case most places, eh?)

      1. re: John Manzo

        Thanks for all the suggestions, will look into them all! The other Italian place might be Il Gallo Nero, which I was thinking of as I had a fabulous dinner there a few months back, but probably would be out of my price range.