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Jun 25, 2008 01:05 PM

Dinner in Healdsburg for <$200?

My husband & I are coming to Napa & Sonoma in August for our 5th anniversary. We'll be there for 4 nights & have already made reservations at The French Laundry, Ad Hoc and Cyrus. On our last night we'll be in Healdsburg & we're looking for a restaurant for dinner. I'm know that our wallets will be well depleted by that point; I'm assuming that we'll have gained 10 lbs each; and I'm fearing that we might be sick of the inventive "New" American dishes. All that said, we can't end our gastronomic tour on a low note. Can anyone recommend a great restaurant in Healdsburg (we don't want to drive) that will cost less than $200 for a 3 course meal for two, plus a decent bootle of wine and tip?


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  1. I think you could probabaly do that at Ravenous, and maybe Bistro Ralph. I haven't been to Bistro Ralph for years, so I won't comment. But I was at Ravenous fairly recently and had great food and very gracious service.

    1. I'm a Barn Diva fan; love their Duck Shepherd's Pie and great starters. AND, they are right next to my favorite Healdsburg tasting room, Selby.

      1. You should easily be able to do that at Zin, a very good restaurant.

        Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar
        344 Center St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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        1. I don't have any additions to those already mentioned, but I am envious of your upcoming trio of FL, AD, and Cyrus.

          Please do report back; I'd love to hear what you think after going back to back to back! It's rare to see anyone go to all three in a week. And whatever you do, try the foie gras torchon at Cyrus (unless you don't eat foie gras). Easily the best preparation I've ever had, and not a stingy portion even though it was a tasting menu course.

          1. I'd second Bistro Ralph. While we mostly eat lunch there, it's consistently good and I think in your range.