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Jun 25, 2008 12:49 PM

Fundraiser Party

Hosting a fundraiser with up to 100 people. Looking for ways to feed them and keep budget in tact. It will be on a Saturday starting at 8:00 p.m. There will be drinks and I'm planning heavy appetizers. I want to cook very little and will have most of the food brought in. Any suggestions on keeping the bill down? Keep in mind we want our guest to donate money so we don't want to appear like we're being skimpyl

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  1. Order in Vietnamese spring rolls, sushi rolls. Buy a Chinese barbecue duck and slice it thinly and serve with small green onion crepes & hoisin sauce. (Make your own crepes) Make gougeres - cheap and easy. Swedish meatballs in a chafing dish are easy and can be made ahead and frozen until needed. Crostini with toppings people can add themselves. Little corn coblets (slice cobs into small sections) drizzled with some tasty butter - chipotle lime, maple chipotle, etc. Make stuffed vine leaves ahead of time - you can do up quite a big batch (get a volunteer).

    1. Some of the fast-going hors d'oeuvres I've seen go at fundraisers are also the most economical:
      Flavored humus on pita triangles
      Spring rolls halved on a bias with dipping sauce
      Chicken satay

      Cheap hors d'oeuvres can also be elevated by creating a visually impactful presentation. I've had hors d'oeuvres planted in pots of grass, served over gravel, tiered...anything to make it interesting will elevate it.

      1. Heavy appetizers involving little cooking

        Platters of finger sandwiches (I like Paula Deen ring bling finger sandwiches as there is an assortment and they look good on trays)
        California roll sushi w/soy dipping sauce
        Cold sliced turkey platter
        Hummus (do several versions each topped with different topping, such as roasted garlic, chopped tomato, pine nuts, roasted pepper, chopped olives) served with pita rounds or triangles
        Fruit and cheese platter

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          antipasti platter always looks nice
          mini brownies
          a ham with rolls and mustards