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Jun 25, 2008 12:22 PM

Albuquerque & Santa Fe

Travelling for the first time to Albbuquerque & Santa Fe in October - I've seen some recommendations for restaurants in Santa Fe, but was wondering if anyone could give me a little more detail for there as well as Albuquerque - We're from NYC & really like Italian food, but hope I don't sound like an idiot if I ask for good fish or sushi places as well, also like a bit of Tex-Mex too & American food, as long as fresh tasting, and enjoy Middle Eastern food alot, but not sure if there's any place like that. Also, we were intending to travel fairly casual - jeans, boots, etc. - We like to dress for dinner, but our husbands don't necessarily want to have to cart jackets - I really appreciate any help and we'd like a variety of places from inexpensive to expensive (if the food is really worth it) - We like wine, but just as soon have a good margarita. Hope I'm not being too much of a pest. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Oops, one last question - how's the weather usually the 1st week of Oct?

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  1. I'm trying not to be sarcastic here, but why don't you try local cuisine? Northern New Mexican food is a rich heritage all in to it's own and both towns abound in it. Each town has a good Chamber website that lists dining options and a search on this Board has covered just about everything each has to offer.

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      I have to agree with likestoeatout. I grew up in NM and now in Oregon and I have to say, there is nothing like the regional foods of the southwest. Try a "when in Rome" mentality and talk to the locals. Just be careful and ease your way in to it. Now that I've been away for a while, I can't do a lot of the chile my first few days or else I pay the rest of the trip.

      I do have one suggestion for Italian, I still really love Il Vicino when I visit. It's just a little wood oven pizza place on Cental in Nob Hill but it's very consistent. I've been very disappointed in Scalo the last few times I've been which is across the street.
      Artichoke Cafe for American/Provencial
      Middle Eastern is non-existent as far as I know.
      Tex-Mex is an insult to New Mexican food.
      Jeans, boots and jewelry is all you'll need anywhere you go.

      Have a great trip!

    2. You asked some simple questions that would not have gone astray in any major city. But ABQ & SF are no regular cities. You simply won't find many 'hounds recommending places in NM that fit in to the categories you seek because we don't have a lot of places that do those cuisines well. We do New Mexican really well. Local and organic American cuisine really well, too. You'd be best served to take the best of what we have to offer and not have your heart set on things like Tex-Mex (it's like a curseword here). :-) Sorry for the other snarky comments.

      I'm a SF girl, so my answers are all for SF restaurants.
      Kohnami has the best sushi in town, hands down
      Cleopatra in the Design Center has excellent gyros and hit-or-miss falafel
      The Shed or La Choza would be my choice for New Mexican
      Cafe Pasqual is fun atmosphere and great food for weekend breakfast (available thru the mid-afternoon); they do an equally stellar dinner of mostly organic, locally-sourced foods (pricey)
      I'd choose The Compound if you want an elegant meal out with an amazing wine list (this may be the only place where a jacket would not be unheard of - people in jeans and cocktail dresses rub elbows here)
      Bobcat Bite is a hole-in-the-wall, but a must if you're looking for the best green chile cheeseburger

      The weather will likely be layer-worthy. Sunny, mid 50s or 60s during the day, and colder at night. We have had a dusting of snow mid-October on rare occasions.