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Jun 25, 2008 12:17 PM

Top Wine lists in Chicago?

I'm taking some important clients out for a number of dinners and lunches in the upcoming weeks.
i have 3 questions:
1. What are the best restaurants to take them to food wise?
2. What are the restaurants with the best wine lists?
3. Where can I take them for lunch?

Also note: price is not a primary concern in selecting places to go

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  1. OK, putting the wine ahead of the food:
    For best food/wine no expenses spared, try Tru, Charlie Trotter's, Everest, Vivere.

    A rung down in price from those, still excellent, North Pond, One Sixtyblue, Blackbird, NoMI.

    Off the beaten path, good food, well-chosen wine list (not the deepest or broadest) try Cafe Matou.