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Jun 25, 2008 12:16 PM

Restaurants near El Capitan theater?

Hi all!

I'm taking a rare trip to the Hollywood/Highland area, and was wondering if fellow foodies would recommend a great restaurant in the area. If there aren't any, I'd also be willing to drive somewhere else, but somewhat nearby (maybe a 10 minute drive, with traffic?) the El Capitan.

Thanks for reading!

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    1. re: toitoi

      FYI, WP closed Vert 12/2007 or 01/2008.

    2. A short drive away there are some good options:

      Lucky Devil's on Hollywood Blvd, east of H/H.
      Balcones de Peru on Vine south of Sunset
      Hungry Cat at Sunset and Vine

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      1. re: sku

        definitely all of these...

        for a little more casual, maybe also consider lou on vine

      2. There's a Hooters pretty much next to the El Capitan. I hear that their Buffalo wings age very good.

        Some people like the Pig & Whistle (I've never been), which is also very close. And there's a Mel's diner less than a block down Highland. I'd take any of those -- or Musso's, depending on how flush I feel -- so's not to have to drive all over the place. But that's just me.

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        1. re: Muskrat

          You guys are awesome, thank you so much!

        2. Okay, this is not a "great restaurant", but I wanted to mention it anyway. We went to a brand new place called U-WINK the other night, after seeing the gorgeous movie Wall-E at the El Cap.

          It was the perfect pairing of movie + dinner bc U-Wink is all about ordering and playing games at a console. In fact, the music was so damn loud, we were glad to have something to do during dinner bc you could barely converse.

          So, this could be a fun place for kids...

          The service was overly attentive (hardly anyone else was dining there) and a bit too "forced cheerful". I figure that will calm down in time.

          The food was mediocre.

          I ordered the Chicken Tortilla soup (approx $5) and it was pretty good and quite filling. I also got a side of guacamole (approx $4?) and it just showed up. No chips, no nothin'. I was told there were no chips. I was then told I could order some bread. I asked for the mananger and was eventually given some bread and the guac was comped, which is just as well bc I was gonna send it back if they didn't give me anything to eat it with. Idiots! The guac was okay, but too much chopped onion for my taste.

          My guy got the pasta with shrimp -- I think it had a mild peanut sauce. It was okay, around $16, from memory, maybe less - we can't remember. The shrimp were nicely cooked (not at all overcooked) and he said there were enough in there. But he said some of the rice noodles were 'gluggy'.

          Some one else got the mini burgers, and she liked them well enough.

          The wine was tres ordinaire...

          OKAY -- so I am not rec'ing the food, but the experience (warts and all) may be a good one for the right families.

          that is all.

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          1. re: Maxmillion

            uWink is where Vert used to be in the Hollywood & Highland complex.

            No one's mentioned Musso & Frank's or the Pig 'N Whistle, two places with an old-Hollywood vibe, or 25 Degrees, the burger parlor in the Hollywood Roosevelt.

            Musso & Frank Grill
            6667 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

            Pig N' Whistle
            6714 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

            1. re: maxzook


              The 1st post on this thread is mine, and it mentions M&F's.

              1. re: maxzook


                6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 411, Los Angeles, CA 90028

                1. re: maxzook

                  Sorry - I did forget to mention its location. Actually, I think uWink is next door to where Vert used to be, or perhaps the old Vert is now two different establishments... In any case, thanks for the additional and essential info.

                  1. re: Maxmillion

                    As it happens, I had lunch there on Friday. It is definitely in Vert's old space.

                    Which is absolutely the only thing the two restaurants have in common.

              2. I second Lucky Devil's & Hungry Cat. both are goood choices.
                within walking distance is 25 degrees (in the Roosevelt Hotel) for great burgers
                Pizzera Mozza is a 5 minute drive, 10 with traffic.. but gets crowded. this would require a bit more planning.
                I think Musso & Frank's is overrated, as is Pig & Whistle, but they have decent food and a fun old hollywood atmosphere
                I've also read good things about Magnolia near Sunset & vine but haven't tried.
                Avoid the H&H center at all costs. There is nothing good in that center... Trastevere, The Grill, the shabu place range from mediocre to dismal.. although Beard Papa's would be a good cheap dessert option.
                Thai town is just minutes away to the east and has some of the best Thai food in LA - Jitlada & Ruen Pair are my current favorites. Palms Thai (with the famous Thai Elvis) is good kitchy fun but not as food centric.