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Jun 25, 2008 11:52 AM

Suggestions for Downtown Providence

With very little space still available in the growing Downcity neighborhood, the few available locations that remain must be filled with care. Most importantly, the restaurants that move Downcity must be an amenity to the neighborhood. That being said, what restaurant do you feel should open on Westminster St? What type of place would you frequent on a weekly basis? Please include suggestions from outside the Providence area too!

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    1. re: Sean

      I agree - an authentic Greek restaurant would certainly be an asset to the area, and would definitely fill a culinary hole.

    2. A Spanish Tapas restaurant, like Dali in Cambridge Massachusetts.

      1. High end Mexican/Southwestern. French Bistro. No more steak houses!!

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        1. re: Sap115

          Sensibly priced bistros with chefs who care. Think Red Stripe or La Laiterie. We could use a dozen more places like those.

          1. re: winedude

            If you mean Red Stripe in concept I agree w/you. Red Stripe in reality? Has fallen short every time I've been.

        2. I've got to say that I fundamentally disagree with the premise of your post on two fronts. First, that the restaurants that move in must be an amenity to those who live downtown exclusively and hence must be of the sort that you visit on "weekly" basis. I think there is room for both destination fare and weekly haunts.

          Second, that there are only a few locations Downtown available. Weybosset and Washington St. have plenty of either vacant or underutilized space.

          As to what I would like to see downtown: Tapas (its a hole in the dining scene and it would work).

          Personally, I would love to see Ethopian, a high end Mexican/Southwestern and high end Middle Eastern, but I question Providence's ability to support "ethnic" dining downtown at that price point if its not Mediterranean or has a steak house option.

          1. I don't have a problem at all with the premise of your question. I believe that there are already plenty of restaurants downtown that cater to the "convention crowd" and/or are at a price point that is too high for locals to frequent weekly. We lived in the Alice building back when you could shoot a cannon down Westminster without hitting anything so I really appreciate that someone is thinking like this. Of course locals will come from other neighborhoods if it's great food - but on a random Tuesday night you can bet it will be downtown dwellers who keep this kind of place in business in the long run.

            With that said, I second the tapas/small plates. How about a place to go eat pizza? In this town you either have to get take out or go sit in a dive. I don't have a problem with either but sometimes I want great atmosphere too. There's an affordable, casual place in DC called Two Amy's that makes fantastic antipasto and killer wood grilled pizza. It's constantly mobbed and for good reason. If you're a Providence restaurateur, check them out. Copy them. Please. What about a casual salad, pasta, pizza kind of place ala Joe V.'s in Boston's South End? (not the best food ever but the idea is there)

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            1. re: tedlovesfood

              When you are not in search of a restaurant where do you shop for food? Is it difficult for transportation to the market or could you downtown people actually use a good food market? I am not in the business, I am just curious to see if a theory I have about a market being a key component to a vibrant downtown.