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Jun 25, 2008 11:42 AM

Tacos in LA?

Best tacos in LA.. suggestions?

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  1. For the answer to this, you must visit the great Bandini at the labor of love that is "The Great Taco Hunt" blog.

    1. I am a true mexican food lover and is you are looking for great tacos and burritos go to yucas on hillhurst, it is located in a little shack and is really authentic and delicious! I love the carne asada and they have great salsas! Another great mexican place is Mexico city located on the same block. Also, i have never been, but have heard a lot of great reviews and talk about Titos tacos.

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        Yucas does some things very well. Mexico City, a big thumbs down. Titos is great, if you want a hard shell american taco, not authentic at all. Use Bandinis blog above, it is a great resource!

      2. Go to El Tepeyac in East LA. Get a taco and a taquito. Heavenly!

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          You know, that's a thought. I don't like their overstuffed burritos -- the opposite of the sublime variety served at Yuca's -- but I've never tried the tacos at El Tepeyac. I'll do that with my fingers crossed.

        2. Taco Village on ELA/Montebello border

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            Read Bandinis blog, not much in the Beach cities. Anyone have a favorite taco place in the Redondo beach area?

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              while not knock your socks off, it's close to redondo....this spot in torrance isn't bad....

              my photos here:

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                On the corner of Artesia and Hawthorne is a place called Mi Casita. I love their shrimp tacos. I do not eat meat but they have an extensive taco menu. The salsa is delicious too! Oh and the refried beans. Not much on decor but the servers are very sweet and the kitchen very flexible and it's a good value.

            2. Welcome to taco paradise. Where are you located?

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              1. re: a_and_w

                If you are responding to me, I am in Palos Verdes. I will make it a point to hit up the suggestions. I usually just end up making tacos evey so often, but would like to indulge without the cooking occasionly.