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Jun 25, 2008 11:25 AM

Portsmouth, NH kid friendly lunch with extended family, not too fancy?

I'm from out of area but will be taking a boat from nearby Portsmouth (we depart from Rye, actually, but have been told that culinarily there's nothing in Rye). We'll have a toddler with us. But other members of the extended family may also be joining us.

So we need:

1. toddler friendly;
2. lunch-time
3. nothing complicated, but good enough for members of the family to take it as a get-together.
4. something where we don't need reservations since we are not sure who will arrive when;
5. it would be good for it to be either in Portsmouth or Rye (if in fact there is anything) or in-between. We probably can't orchestrate a pre-boat reunion in any other town.


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    This place is outside on the water and is a family restaurant and very casual. It is very unique. You can bring your own drinks (soda and/or alcohol). Some people bring picnic baskets and lay out a tablecloth on the picnic table along w/ flowers and bring wine, etc. and it was so cool to see everyone having fun. You used to be able to bring your dog if you wanted to and they provided water bowls. It's just something out of the ordinary and off the beaten path. I would call it a "hidden gem." It is in Kittery Point, ME which I don't think is too far from Portsmouth. Enjoy!

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      In downtown Portsmouth, I'd say Portsmouth Brewery.

      If you are wanting to eat on a deck, then The Oar House. But, it's not cheap, 23.00 for a lobster roll.

      There is always Flatbread for Pizza too.

      You didn't mention budget, or what kind of food you were looking for.

      I used to like Ray's in Rye (on rt.1), but it's been awhile since I've been.

      And it's a clam shack.

      Have fun!

      1. re: mcel215

        If you are looking for seafood I would recommend Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery. Depending on how many you may have to wait a little for a table but I have heard that the food is good there.

      2. re: hoopla

        Thank you for that link to Chauncy Creek! We went there with some friends years ago and could never remember where it was or what it was called. We thought it was a great place and can't wait to go back now.

      3. Friendly Toast is great for kids, has a varied menu, and can accommodate big groups pretty easily. Also, the food is very large.

        1. I agree with most of the others. Friendly Toast is fun and the kids will love the decor. The Brewery is pretty run of the mill, but there will be something for everyone. I like the Gas Light - upstairs for sanwiches and downstairs for pizza. Flatbreads is great but I'm not sure they're open for lunch? And it limits all of your guests to pizza. Poco's Cantina is sort of a cheesy-Mexican place, but the food is always good and they have a nice selection. I like it there b/c of the view from the dining room overlooking the tug boats.

          1. The Friendly Toast is fun and different. Our 13 year old daughter loves this place! The fries w/cheese and strawberry habanero sauce are quite addictive. Service can be real slow and the menu, although creative, can be hit or miss with balance of ingredients sometimes "off." I've had sandwiches over powered by spices and herbs in the spread or cheese. I stick with the simple fare and enjoy the "kitchiness." Shakes are good!