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Jun 25, 2008 10:52 AM

How is Chef Allen's? (Aventura)

I've never been and would like to take my family out for a special meal.

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  1. I haven't been for a while (we keep trying new places), but in the past it has always been very good. I understand now he is really very big into sustainable fish and locally grown food. We used to go fairly often and always enjoyed the food. Maybe someone who has gone more recently will post.

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    1. Had a wonderful dinner this past weekend. Homemade lobster lasagna appetizer,
      not too rich, light and full of delicate lobster pieces. Great fish selection
      that changes with the fresh catch of the season. I had the pan roasted mahi.
      Great presentaion and delicious. Top shelf wine list. Excellent service.

      1. I went this past weekend as well, and if you plan on going, now's the time. They've begun an early Miami Spice, so you can eat a whole meal for the price of an entree, and the portions are very good. Service was excellent, the decor is so bizarre and yet you don't necessarily notice it (unless your staring right at the mirror). Food is good, though the appetizers stick out to me more than the entrees. Desserts are excellent. Love the mango cobbler with the corn ice cream. Actually all the ice creams are creamy and delicious. I found the alcohol a little steep, especially considering we had a $90 bottle of undrinkable wine last time. Would probably byob next visit.

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          I will definitely give this place a try. Thank you.

        2. Jessie, I recommend Chef Allen's. I don't get there that often for reasons unrelated to the quality of the food but try to when they are doing a wine dinner/tasting menu. Usually good deals with an interesting menu. They usually post these dinners on their site so check it out. Look out for their "winedown wednesday" dinners @$59. The Miami Spice sneak preview menu is posted as well. Hard to find these types of tasting menus with wine pairing in Miami.

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          1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

            They just unveiled a new menu that sounds/looks good. I will try to head over real soon and report back.

            1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

              The new menu looks so good we just made a reservation for tomorrow night!

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                Please report back. In the past I loved every meal I have had there. Would be interested in your comments.

          2. Apparently he is also opening a restaurant in St. Lucia at the super swank Jade Mountain resort. People there say he will be there 2 weeks per month.

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              I heard they just reopened after a renovation and much needed update to the decor. Menu supposedly is seafood focused with lower prices than before.

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                Dinner last night at Chef Allens had its high point and some really low points.

                There were four of us, so we started with a large selection of apps. The shrimp and grits were the star of the evening....great! Clams casino, wild mushroom salad and lobster mac were good, not great.

                For our mains we orderd lobster with pasta, very pasty and gummy with a half lobster out of the shell. I make it better at home. I ordered the lobster stew "hot pot". It arrived in an attractive white high sided bowl with large diced potatoes that were very under cooked to the point of being hard sitting in a gray broth with a few lobster chunks. One taste and it went back...horrid! The skirt steak came plated very nicely but lacked taste and seasoning. Not a great expierence....

                We then moved on to cobbler came out cold and hard, I'm sure it had been sitting around for a few days, the chocolate bomb was a bomb, and the banana trio was just okay.

                Chef Allen was not there last night, but that should not make a difference in the end result.This dinner was not what we had hoped it would be. We have been eating there since it opened many years ago, but I doubt any of us will ever return. It was very expensive for the little bit we enjoyed.

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                  After long last (I was the original poster) I will be giving this restaurant a try this Friday for dinner. Please let me know if you have any last minute recs. I will post a follow-up.