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Jun 25, 2008 10:40 AM

Who makes the best sandwich?

I usually have a turkey sandwich for lunch. And lately, I've been having turkey sandwiches from Jimmy John's, Potbelly's, and Subway.

But I've realized that I like Subway's best because of the ingredients and how everything tastes together.

My ideal turkey sandwich is from Subway because you can tell them exactly what you want and easily. They also have the ingredients I like (whereas Potbelly's doesnt have olives):
black olives
hot peppers
oil and vinegar
Italian seasoning

I tried making this at Jimmy John's, but I had to remove the mayo and sprouts...add in oil and vinegar and oregano, and then make do without the olives. Even when it was my ideal ingredients I didn't like it as much.

Your thoughts?

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  1. My favorite is from Schlotzsky's. Any of the originals, hold the red onion.

    I love they way the heat it up, on the fresh sourdough buns! I used to work around the corner from one, and when you went in the woman was making the fresh buns. The smell kicked your appetite into overdrive! Now there isn't one very close, which may be a good thing for my waistline! But the Turkey Chef salad is also great, and more diet friendly.

    1. Firehouse Subs! The bread is warm & toasty and the fillings nice & tasty. I think it is the Hook & Ladder that we like!

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        They just put in our first Firehouse Subs here. I haven't been over to try it yet. I like the Quizno's subs and also Blimpies, when i can get past the name. I mean.... why name a restaurant Blimpies? There is a diner in town called Porky's as well. I mean.... really. Why not just Obese-y's?

      2. i enjoy penn station the most for these kinds of sandwiches. though i will say that if i want a big tuna salad sandwich, it's hard to beat subway; as you said, the customization of the fresh veggies is a big draw (i like mine with loads of red onion)

        1. I like Bison Witches. It's a small chain, usually located near college campuses, but they steam or grill all their sandwiches. Combine a half sandwich with a breadbowl full of soup and I'm a happy man.

          1. Um, you have a subway that uses Turkey?
            Sorry - HUGE pet peeve of mine is that yellow colored, fake pressed jello stuff that some places define as "turkey" these days. I have had turkey MANY times in my life, and the stuff that the subways around here use is definitely NOT turkey. The Pottbellys around here are kind of hit or miss on if they choose to use real meat or not these days. They used to ONLY use real meat. Sadly, the Jimmy Johns franchise has used a lower grade pressed substance in these parts as well. Subway would be my choice every time if they used real meat, and a bread with ANY kind of substance to it. I'd happily pay more than 5 bux for a footlong sub with real meat, and decent bread. As it is, I have to settle for Potbelly - simply because their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are divine, so I can let the subpar sammich slide. Seriously, I cannot go to potbelly without getting one of those cookies. Sometimes I even go JUST for a cookie. I talked one of their managers into selling me a 20lb tub of their dough! YUMMMMM!

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              I live in Ontario ( I'm from Cali though). Anyway, we dont have a potbelly or a Jimmy Johns. We have Subway and Quizno's and a canadian company called Mr. Sub( vile). I usually get Jimmy John's when I go to Michigan. A few weeks ago I was in Ann Arbor, so I went to Pot Belly( there is no Potbelly in Port Huron). Omg, was that VILE or what. The bread was staler than sawdust. I asked for the sandwich untoasted. They should have told me they toast it because the bread sucks. I also asked if I could see the turkey. It looked slimy and gross so I get a veg sub.

              I despise dark cat food tuna so I'd never order than anywhere unless they used albacore.