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Jun 25, 2008 10:19 AM

Roadtrip between Austin and Shreveport on Hwy 79

Its our first time along 79 from Austin to Shreveport, any good places to eat in the evening?

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  1. I'll go ahead and throw out the obvious - Louie Mueller's in Taylor.
    Best brisket I've ever had.

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    1. re: cibodivino

      While I agree that Louie Mueller's is a must stop place for brisket, ribs and sausage, they usually run out of food by 3-4pm.

    2. Your message suggests Shreveport may be your destination so this may not work but my favorite is Herby K's ("Since 1936") in Shreveport, featured in Southern Living etc. Absolutely fabulous!

      1. Try Sadler's in Jacksonville. It is one block south of Hwy 79 in downtown Jacksonville. Good home cookin' You must try the desserts.

        1. I like Stacy's BBQ in Jacksonville as well.

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          1. re: danoc

            Thanks everyone-I'm writing em all down. Yes, its our first visot to Shreveport and hard to find any info on that place. We may try HerbeyKs even tho location sounds terrible but thats never stopped us before! If we dont get there, any other places to eat, we are near casinos at Hilton?

            1. re: SAnativegirl

              Trust me, try Herby K's in Shreveport and get a shrimp buster (I think that's what it's called). I was apprehensive about the location based on what people said, but it is really not bad at all, and the clientele can be described as very "suburban."

              The neighborhood looks more abandoned and forgotten than menacing.

              1. re: brattpowered

                Here are a couple of pix of our most recent visit to Herby K's so you can judge for yourself. It would not be fair to not say that there have been several very sad incidents but during daylight (which lasts til probably 8:30), you're fine. (And as you probably guessed, we're the two old geezers in the red Vette).

          2. I vote for Herby K's too, for their seafood. But you cannot go to Shreveport and not have a meal at Strawn's. A cafe that Southern Living says has the best pies "anywhere" is not to be missed! They have Southern comfort food at a low price. Place isn't fancy at all. A true "greasy spoon" with fantastic food.

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            1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

              What about Brothers? We will be downtown, I guess what they call Red River District. What about Gumbo Daddys? Blind Tiger? Any other ideas? We are leaving in a couple hours. Thanks for all your help.

              1. re: SAnativegirl

                If you are in Shreveport, don't pass up Monjuni's On Louisiana Avenue close to downtown. Monjunis is absolutely the best! Try their Shrimp Aurora, Lasagna or any of their salads.