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Help!! Which Chinese bakeries have good cakes?


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  1. Diamond, JJ or Cathy's are all good.

    And, what do you mean by "cakes"? Sponge cake? Pastries? Non-wedding dessert cakes?

    I think Cathy's Bakery has the best tarot root filled sponge cakes. JJ's might have the best pastry selections.

    1. www.phoenixbakeryinc.com
      Great bakery in China town on north broadway, I had my wedding cake made here and was a big hit. It's been there forever and at 1 point my grandma even worked there back in the 40's.
      Great strawberry filled cakes

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        Second Phoenix Bakery. Great strawberry whipped-cream cakes!

      2. The bakery inside the 99 Ranch Market in Anaheim is very good.

        99 Ranch Market
        651 N Euclid Street, Anaheim, CA 92801

        1. I second JJ's and Diamond. Multiple locations...

          1. JJ Bakery has great cakes, breads, etc.


            1. Queen's bakery in chinatown

              1. Apparently Phoenix also has limited Dim sum to take out, too!

                1. Ditto on the Phoenix bakery. That's the kind of cake I grew up on with the fresh strawberry filled cakes.
                  If you're in the OC, my childhood bakery is there. Song Long bakery is a French-style bakery with a Vietnamese twist. The buttercream frosting is buttery and sweet, but light and airy at the same time...I don't know how they do it. The light sponge cake is sprayed with a little rum during the construction process. My parents did ask them to go light on the rum when I was a kid, but still it was the best ever!

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                    you know, Orange County is a big place. What part of it contains Song Long?

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                      Song Long Bakery.
                      9361 Bolsa Ave., #108
                      Westminster, CA 92683

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                        Song Long Bakery
                        9361 Bolsa Ave., #108
                        Westminster, CA 92683

                    2. I've had great strawberry cakes from Cathy's and JJs. And I just had amazing passionfruit and mango cakes from JJs.