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Jun 25, 2008 09:56 AM

How's the food at The Breakers?

I'm trying to talk my husband into staying in Florida for a short August vacation, but will only win if I can assure him that food wherever we'll be is chow-worthy. Is The Breakers' food that wonderful? Any other recs, preferably in South Florida?

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  1. I can speak about the food at L'Escalier. It's very expensive but I thought worth every penny. The ambiance is terrific, the tables set so far apart and wonderfully cozy banquettes that make it feel very private. The service is top shelf; but not stuffy. The food is divine. You can check their menu on line on the Breakers website. They own another restaurant on the Island, Echo, which is great for funky service ware, good sushi (although not the best around), and some very good hot dishes. They used to have a great all encompassing chocolate dessert; but I don't think they have it any more. There are other great restaurants in South Florida that others on the board can recommend; if you specify whether you'd be staying at the Breakers or elsewhere down here.

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      Well, where we'd be staying is the question. I'm trying to find a hotel in South Florida that's so great, with such great food, that he won't insist on flying to Cancun. If The Breakers or another hotel fits the bill, please tell me!

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        If you want to be in South Florida and everything has to be great, then Mandarin Oriental in Miami is a great place to start. Their restaurants and service are among Miami's very, very best.....And I've never thought of Cancun as a great chow-worthy destination.....but that's just me!


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          Have you thought of going to South Beach instead? You can stay at your choice of hotel and then walk to many delicious restaurants. To name a few: prime 112, kobe club, escoppazo, brunch at nemo's, and many trendy bars and places.

        2. re: rudykins

          well if moneys no object, I'd consider Little Palm Island.

      2. I'd suggest Grove Isle, but it's quiet and (relatively) secluded and definitely not Cancun-ish. You'll need a car if you want to go out and do things. But it's charming and it's got personality. Their restaurant, Baleen, is very good.

        If you're looking for more of a "scene" and you want to be in the middle of things, go elsewhere. South Beach has some good restaurants but I find most of the popular ones to be overrated.

        Mandarin Oriental is a good suggestion, too.

        1. Take him to Cancun so you can later say "told you so"