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Jun 25, 2008 09:38 AM

To-go in Houston

Hello, fellow hounds!

I just moved to Houston from Birmingham, AL and I am sorely missing my usual spots to pick up to-go orders.

I live around the Med Center right now, but am moving to the Rice Military/Heights in August. However, I am willing to drive pretty much anywhere inside the loop for good food I can pick up.

I'm specifically looking for places that are $10 and below. Type of cuisine is no matter, although the places I frequented the most in B'ham were mostly local sandwich/soup/salad places with more than just your usual deli sandwiches (paninis, beyond your basic chicken salad sandwich, etc.). I am also interested in more ethnic food varieties (Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, etc.), but I realize they may be getting beyond the $10 parameters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I am a part-time resident of Houston in the med ctr area and am no expert, but here are a few offhand ideas.

    Go to Goode BBQ on Kirby and grab the Brisket Sandwich which I think is $5.99 or so. Get it on their jalapeno-cheese bread, this makes the sandwich. The plain white bun is not what you're looking for. Get the sauce on the side and grab some onions and pickles before you go. Eat that with a side dish at home and you're set. Add the Pecan pie slice when you want to indulge.

    Try a couple items at 100% Taquito on SW Fwy by Buffalo Speedway. You'll want to order a couple. Anything crispy that comes smothered in salsa/sour cream, etc. might be a problem lasting. But there are plenty of things to try.

    While I've not yet tried it, people have raved about Frenchy's Fried Chicken though it is reputed to be hit/miss. There's a location nearby near Kirby and Main in the parking lot by Office Depot and Big Lots. I will try before I leave.

    Lankford Grocery has much raved about burgers, so you can grab that to-go. You can probably also take out a burger from Christian's Totem off Washington at I-10.

    I do like the Oyster Po-Boy at Boudreaux's right on West Loop in the Home Depot shopping center at Pin Oak Park street. Bring it home and supply your own drink and that keeps it cheap at about $8.49.

    I'm sure there's plenty more options, but I hope this is a good start at this price range.

    1. ljgol323-
      I would suggest Barnaby's (3 locations in Montrose area) for your big salads, burgers, and some nice simple entrees. Some a bit above $10, but solid food, and great for to-go.

      Aladdin (Montrose/Westheimer) La Fende (Westheimer/Yupon) for Mediterrean; El Rey for Cuban and Mexican on Washington/Shepherd; La Flor Tacqueria on Washtington, about 3 blocks East for Tex-Mex.

      1. Definitely El Rey on the corner of Shepherd and Washington -- the best tortilla soup in town, great rotisserie chicken...and they even have a drive through window!

        Someburger on the corner of Studewood and 11th does a nice old school classic burger.

        The cheesesteak sandwich at Chicago Italian Beef on Airline near Cavalcade is pretty good as well.

        Asia Market on Cavalcade does great take-out Thai (don't miss the Pad Thai) but they're only open until 7:00...

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        1. Try Paulies (portabella mushroom or shrimp blt sand) and the Empire Cafe on Westheimer. Without traveling downtown, you might also try Mo Mong for Vietnamese. The vermicelli bowl dishes can be had for 7 bucks (try the Bun with pork or egg roll). 3-6-9 for Chinese nearby is a bargain as well. Try Istanbul Rest in Rice Village for knock-out sandwiches(esp the lamb shish). Their lentil soup is awesome too.

          1. I get take out all the time, and live generally in the Rice Military area. These places are all in that area or in Montrose, except for Goode Company, which is on the edge of West U. Check out www.b4-u-eat. com for reviews.
            Definitely El Rey. You don't even have to get out of your car.
            Jax on Shepherd. Salads, fish, burgers, the best quesadillas anywhere.
            Niko Niko's on Montrose.
            Pronto Cucinino on Montrose.
            Mission Burrito on Shepherd--across the street from Jax.
            Ziggy's on Alabama.
            Goode Company Barbecue
            Goode Company Seafood for their Campechana Extra
            Golden Hunan
            Cafe Lili on Westheimer
            Nidda Thai Cuisine