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Jun 25, 2008 09:34 AM

Which of the 3 Vintage Hotels restos to eat at in NOTL?

We received a gift certificate to the Vintage Hotel chain in Niagara on the Lake - it's good for any of the restaurants or accommodation at the Prince of Wales, Pillar and Post or Queen's Landing.

We are going next weekend - which of the restos at the three hotels would people recommend for dinner on Saturday night to use up the gift certificate?

Many thanks!

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  1. I would actually say - none of the above. However, if you had to make a choice, I recommend Pillar and Post. Of the three, I would choose this one, primarily for the environment. Granted, been about 5 years since I tried any of them. My favourites in NOTL are: Peller Estates and Stone Road Grille.

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      I would have agreed about Vintage dining until recently, but James Olberg is doing some wonderful things at Tiara in Queen's Landing. The tasting menu, in particular, is delicious.

      cynalan is right about Peller Estates (the best winery food) and Stone Road Grille (the best overall food in NOTL).

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        I'd say stay away from the P&P resto. We had the most disgusting brunch there a couple years ago.

        Thumbs up on Peller though. :)

      2. I was just at NOTL not so long ago, and we did those packages that included a night's stay, a dinner and we added on a breakfast. Those were great because you could mix and match between the 3 hotels. However, we did it at the end of the winter season, so .. perhaps the dinner that we had was still a winter meal. My write up could be found here--> What I didn't mention there was that I chose the Tiara because the menu was classic, yet it had a modern twist. I was also going with a veggie, and that menu suited us better in that respect.

        1. I would focus on the accomodation value as well. I've always found the dining rooms to be so much more expensive than anything else in town that the food value is never there. Yes, Tiara has had interesting menus and a good track record, but to pay above-Toronto prices seems to be wrong. If you must, the bar menu and Sunday brunch buffet at the Queen's Landing are the closest to market price. Good local food can be had at Epicurean in the evenings, Stone Road Grille (great takeout pizzas and sandwiches) and the Old Winery Restaurant. Also Peller Estates.

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            I don't mean to hijack the OP but I've been thinking about going to NOTL and staying at one of the Vintage hotels for a weekend, and taking in the local restaurants. Which hotel did you stay at and how did you like it? Oh, and to put a CH context so not to get bumped...which restaurants are close to the hotels, say walking distance?

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              I spent a week at Pillar & the Post for a work conference. The rooms were fine. The spa was great. The food was average. Stone Road Grille is fantastic and is only a short 5 min walk away from P&P. Queen Street is 5 mins the other way. I have had great lunches and dinners at Pellar Estate also but their service can be spotty. Strewn is also good.

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                I've stayed at Prince of Wales and it was very nice, and has the advantage of being right on the main drag (if that's where you want to be). I also ate there and remember it being nice enough, but it was several years ago.

                The spa at P&P is also quite wonderful. We had lunch from the pub/resto upstairs and it was delicious and surprisingly affordable for a 4-star hotel. I can't speak to the main resto for dinner, however.

                The hotels are pricey (especially in the summer) but I don't think you'll be disappointed with the overall experience.

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                I visited Prince of Wales too, and I agree with fleisch that you won't be disappointed with the overall experience. They charge you for every single little thing though .. parking, making local calls.. etc. I dont know, for that rate, really?? But, I did a package deal, and I would only do the night's stay and the dinner with the package deal .. because if you broke it down, it would have been toooo expensive. And again, that was towards the end of the winter season, in mid-April.

            2. Best spot of the 3 is Queen's Landing. P&P is a tiny bit tired and PoW is overdone. QL has a great location, near the Shaw Theatre and definitely has the best food. You can walk to Zees which has the best food in the immediate downtown. Best overall resto experience, other than the high-flying Peller or Hillebrand (which are great, but expensive) is, as others have noted, The Stone Road Grille, which is in town but further away from the centre about a 20--minute walk (from QL) through the lovely neighbourhoods of NOTL.

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                Concur with Queen's Landing. They also have a fantastic patio.