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Jun 25, 2008 08:57 AM

Cake in Ottawa?

I am looking for recommendations for a baker in Ottawa who could make a funky, non-traditional wedding cake which wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Any ideas?


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  1. We are getting ours from the following:

    We did the tasting and it was outstanding. She operates out of a farm house outside of Ottawa. Her icing is butter cream based..... not fondent (though you would think it was from the pictures)


    1. Don't know if they'd meet your budget requirements or your funkiness standards, but I've had great cake (wedding and otherwise) from all of these bakeries:

      3 Tarts 1320 Wellington St
      Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B7
      Phone: (613) 729-9832

      Stubbe Chocolates

      Have a great wedding!

      1. It's late to be getting back to you on this, but I just had to mention belatedly that the August 2 issue of the Ottawa Citizen had a small feature called "Five great places to buy fancy cakes". Not an ordinary looking cake in any of the 5 illustrations. The featured bakers were:

        The girl with the most cake (see previous relies)
        Buttercream Bakery
        Une boulangerie dans une village ( ; it's true, these guys make good cake
        )Sentiment Wedding Cakes
        The village cake lady

        So if you're still looking, here's some more ideas.

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          We recently had our cake made from Sentiment Cakes for our wedding and were not happy with the final outcome at all. The lady in charge did not follow directions especially when we had sent in a specific design (photo) of what we wanted months earlier (Cherry Blossom cake). Upon meeting up with the owner for the first time, we kept getting pressured into picking her own ideas, even though we specifically asked for certain details (vibrant pink and purple flowers strewn around the cake, blossom branches wrapped around the cake), The owner kept insisting our ideas were not sensible and not artistic when others had clearly done the same. Its our cake darn it! The cake tasting was dismal as well. We were given tiny cubes of different flavours to taste (we were hoping for at least a larger amount to taste - maybe a sliver or slice), but all we got were 4 tiny bite sized (penny-sized) pieces to taste. Owner also insisted that they wanted the full amount right away (as in right then) - even though every other vendor asked for the first instalment or deposit weeks from meeting them and the final after the wedding. In between the months of the last meet and the wedding, we were incessantly asked to confirm and reconfirm the order up to four or five times(I guess owner thought our large bridal party of 250 with high-end vendors from two cities, would run away with her measly cake money).
          On our reception we were shocked to see our cherry blossom cake looked NOTHING like what we had ordered (see details above). The flowers were a few white with few dots of purple inside (we had asked for flowers on the base of the tiers, plus blooming from the branches. The branches looked spindly and dead (when they were supposed to look like organic tree branches that wrapped around the cake. It just seemed like a rushed job, the cake looked tired, colour drained, stout 3-tier cake made by a college student. The cake showed no value of workmanship whatsoever.

          Heed our review and avoid this place!