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Jun 25, 2008 08:54 AM

Any one check out Eton for dumplings yet?

There is a new handmade dumpling spot called Eton on Sackett just off Henry. Has anyone tried them yet?

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    1. re: sarapeater

      Haven't tried them yet but I've heard good stuff so far...def going to the grand opening on july 1... Here's an interview with Eton Chan:

      After a brief stint as a broker in Manhattan, Eton Chan enrolled at the French Culinary Institute in Soho. Upon completion of his courses at the institute, he began his hands-on training in the culinary world by working first at En Japanese Brasserie, and then soon graduated to Cafe Gray and then Asiate at the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel. Most recently, Chan was at Southgate at Jumeirah Essex House. With such an impressive resume of culinary endeavors under his belt, one can't help but ask what initially sparked his interest in food and where his focus lies. Chan replies, "I grew up watching the chefs at my parents' restaurant make dumplings since I was young". He continues, "I've always known that I wanted to focus on Asian cuisine based on French techniques".

      He ultimately decided to concentrate on great tasting Asian street foods. The menu at Eton is short and simple. Customers have the option of choosing from three different dumpling options, four hand-pulled noodle options, and shave ice with a variety of flavors and toppings.

      As for the dumplings, Chan says, "I started making them for my wife, Krista, at home. Then I would make it for the cooks at Asiate and they would eat them up, even the chef liked them". He also started making the dumplings for the clients at his catering business and they enjoyed them as well. Soon, it became apparent his home-made dumplings were addictively popular among friends and family. Chan wanted to take his passion for cooking, and the food, to the next level.

      " I am, with a product that my wife and I think would be a great seller; how can we bring it out?" Ultimately, Eton decided on a concept of selling dumplings with shave ice and hand-pulled noodles. "We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and fell in love with Hawaiian shave ice". Feeling as though there was a lack of presence of shave ice in New York, Chan said to himself: "Why not combine all these foods in one shop? Who says you can't?" And so he did, just in time for summer. The rest of the story will continue on July 1st, 2008 at 3:00 PM at Eton in Carroll Gardens.

      Eton Grand Opening:
      Tuesday July 1, 2008 - 3PM
      205 Sackett St at Henry St, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

      1. re: ssy216

        Thanks for the heads up, it looks like a great addition to the neighborhood.

        1. re: ssy216

          I'm more excited by the shaved ice! I haven't had great shaved ice since a small hole in the wall place in Baltimore. If he offers marshamallow fluff as a topping, it's the real thing. (yeah, it sounds gross but it's good).

          The only peculiarity with Eton will be the location. He's taken over that old pharmacy/notary space that looks tiny. But the proximity to Naidres should help draw them in.

          1. re: contempt

            oh wow, i didn't realize that was the space. i feel like i just passed that place and saw it boarded up w/ piles of junk on the inside. given the time frame it's gonna be a bare bones operation, design wise. not that i care, i'm glad to have something that's not another sushi, thai, italian bakery or pizza place in the area. a welcomed addition!

            1. re: the_state

              i'm thinking of a diff place (spot on henry, directly across from naidre's front door).

              regardless, i'm excited to check out eton this week. it could be bad news for me, living 1.5 blocks away...

              1. re: the_state

                That's not it. As noted, it is on Sackett (205), not Henry. I ran by it this morning. Opposite side of Sackett Street that Naidre's occupies, between Henry and Hicks, closer to Henry.

                1. re: chow_gal

                  yeah i kinda figured that out. see mini review below :)

      2. swung by eton tonight. they were having an opening party and giving away free food. the menu is very small, only serving 3 types of dumpings (pork & beef, chicken & mushroom, and tofu w/ lentil & mushroom), and shaved ice (really nice, plenty of flavors - standard american fruity sugary stuff and semi exotic asian flavors... cool toppings - mochi, red bean, condensed milk, fruit, etc).

        they were giving away pork dumplings (very tasty) and shaved ice w/ syrup (very refreshing, not too sweet). prices are a little high, at $3.50 for 5 dumplings and $3.75 for ices, but the quality is definitely there. hours are 11:30-11:30 everyday, which is great for an area where bodegas close at 10pm.

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        1. re: the_state

          Hey State, what about the hand-pulled noodles they advertised during construction? Did you see any sign of those? Are they going to be in soups?

          1. re: Puppimus

            the NYT (I think) said that the noodles will arrive when the weather is colder

            1. re: Puppimus

              according to the little menus that were handed out, soups are "seasonal". guess that means we'll have to wait until the fall (which is fine with me... i'd much rather have shaved ice than hot soup at this time of year).

          2. Tried Eton last night with a few friends and we were in dumpling heaven! It's kind of a brilliant concept--with its unlikely pairing of (short) menu items. There were no noodles and no tofu/lentil dumplings. But most of us ordered the pork/beef dumplings, and we were not disappointed. They were truly made to order--I'm not sure whether that was intentional as we hit during a rush and soon after they ran out of shaved ice. But the brief wait was well worth it--fresh, juicy, tasty goodness. Perfectly browned. We couldn't try the shaved ice because the aforementioned depleted supply, but I wasn't too disappointed. The dumplings are what will keep me coming back, personally, and II will definitely be back, and often.

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            1. re: curly30

              If you loved their dumplings, you'll love their shaved ice. I thought the shaved ice was even better! About 15 different flavors and lots of toppings like ice cream, red beans, mochi, etc. The syrups they use aren't too sugary and the ice is perfectly shaved and melts on the tongue. They'll definitely do well in the summer time heat.

              Also, it's turning into a great place for kids. The shaved ice comes in these plastic "flowery" cups that the kids can save for building sand castles of playing at the local playground sprinklers.

              1. re: contempt

                I have to disagree. I loved the dumplings when we went on Sat. night, but could not eat more than 3 bites of the shave ice. The syrup hurt my teeth it was so sweet (we tried pineapple & coconut) and in an unnatural way. The staff was really nice, but the cashier was a little spacey. She was just standing at the register, staring out the window, while every table was dirty. She finally came out with a bar rag after we started wiping down our own table. But, the dumplings were excellent!

                1. re: seb

                  I picked up some dumplings for lunch yesterday. I got the beef/pork dumplings and the vegetable dumplings. They were great. The owner said the soups would start in September, when the weather is consistently colder. I need to go back and try the shaved ice. I think it's a great, quality addition to the neighborhood. I just wished they did delivery.


            2. Tried the chicken and pork/beef dumplings last week. Both were excellent. They have a lot of juice in them, which tends to explode out of the dumplings. Maybe this attests to how fresh they are. I'll be back.

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              1. re: gangly handful

                mmmm... sounds like soup dumplings.

                Are they round or crescent-shaped?

                1. re: bhill

                  I wouldn't call them soup dumplings in the traditional sense. They're not injected with soup and I don't think you could really eat them in the same way (i.e., bite off top, slurp out soup, eat delicious remnants). They're just really juicy.

                  They are more round than crescent, more like a large shumai than a potsticker.

                  1. re: gangly handful

                    the dumplings at Eton are potstickers

                    1. re: sarapeater

                      Oh, you're right of course. I was just describing the shape, which i think is more rounded than your typical potsticker. No doubt, they cook like potstickers.

              2. Went here on Sunday, didnt get the dumplings but tried the shaved ice, which was great!
                I'll def be going back, def need to try the veg dumplings next!
                Even better that they're open until 11:30!

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                1. re: venezuelan

                  We went the other night & had the dumplings (don't forget to sample the condiments). All three varieties were remarkably light tasting, yet filling. Highly recommended. Eton (a really nice & helpful guy) says they will be getting a much needed phone soon. A great addition to the neighborhood.

                  1. re: oswaldb12

                    Does getting a phone mean Take Out service soon? The only negative would be the wait, since they're making it fresh while you're there (in addition to the other people who ordered before you).

                    1. re: contempt

                      I think the phone is for take out....seems like a few of the kinks are being worked out.