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Jun 25, 2008 07:54 AM

Party of 40 at 40

Hi There, I am new to Chowhound and already need your help. I am turning 40 in early August and want to invite 40 of my favourite people to a nice restaurant for good grub, red velvet cake and champagne (all not required if you have a good dining location). I would love a place that can accomodate us in a separate space. I am on the funky - less than conventional side - so a place that might fit my personality would be nice. I will be requesting my guests to wear spiffy attire for the evening's event. Lastly, preference would be a place in DC. However, if you have VA or MD suggestions I would appreciate those too.


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  1. No help yet, eh?? Come on gang, throw Dumbili a bone!

    OpenTable has a list of restaurants that can accommodate large parties.

    There are some winners on that list (Brasserie Beck, Oyamel, The Source, Zaytinya, and Zola to name a few) so if you can narrow it down to a few choices you'll get better responses on this board.

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      Yeah folks, throw me a BONE! Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, however to those that have responded to my call. You have already give me some food for thought. However, more insights would be welcomed. I will, in the meantime look into opentable as suggested.

    2. Try Red Rocks in Columbia Heights. They have a seperate upstairs, and have done something like this in the past.

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      1. re: tigertrap

        Hi There Tigertrap,

        Thank you for your suggestion of RedRocks. However, I am thinking a bit more dress up for Pizza. I do, howeer, love that restaurant and it would be perfect as I live not far from it.

      2. In addition to the suggestions already given, I would recommend PS7's. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by conventional, but the decor is modern and the food and cocktails are excellent! I know they have a private room, but I'm not sure how many they can accommodate.

        A place that I would consider funky is Mie N Yu on M Street in Georgetown. While there are negative posts regarding the food or service here, I have always had excellent food and service when I've gone. Each room is themed so the decor is really unique (I always bring friends from out of town here and everyone has loved it!) Also, I know they would be able to take a party of your size easily.

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        1. re: dcfoodie13

          Hi There,

          Thank you for these suggestions. I confirmed that Mie N Yu have large party accommodation, but as you, am not sure about PS7s. I will definitely look into it.

        2. I can't guarentee red velvet cake at any of these locations but most of them either have a private room or a floor that you can rent out for a large party. (Plus you can always bring in a cake for a fee):

          Cafe Atlantico-see if you can fit a party that large on the top floor. I had my bf's 30th birthday there with about 13 people and we had an awesome time.

          Acadiana-they have a number or large rooms that can accomidate 40 people

          Marvin-You might be able to rent out the top floor or even the balcony

          Zola-A very sexy environment with great food--perfect for spiffy clothes and sipping champagne.

          Central-I believe they have a private room---not sure of the size though

          PS7-A great restaurant, that can hold your party and provide you with the best drinks in DC.

          Station 9-The upstairs private room is really nice and you can go out on U St after dinner.

          St. Ex-See if you can rent out the basement.

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          1. re: Elyssa


            GREAT suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to offer me your thoughts. I really appreciate it.