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Jun 25, 2008 07:28 AM

Help! Camping menu for 10!

I need help planning a menu for 10 people when we go camping next month. We’ll be in cabins so it’s not exactly roughing it. Everyone is planning to make diner one night while were there. So far ribs, skirt steak, sausage meatballs and chili are out. I definitely want to grill or cook a portion of the meal over an open fire. But I also want to wow the crowd. Any outdoor chowhounds got some good campfire recipes??

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  1. What if you do shrimp skewers wrapped in bacon serve them with rice and a black bean salad.

    1. I lived in the NW for a while and learned that if
      you need to put some WOW around the campfire ...

      ... then plank a salmon. (for a starter link


      I cooked mine vertically (old school) but there
      are plenty of horizontal (new school) methods.
      Make some nice basting sauces (BBQ, lemon butter, etc)

      To put even more WOW into it just show up with a whole
      salmon and filet knife and break that baby down into 2 filets.
      Let 'em watch as you do it. (I spent a fair amount time in the AK)
      Though don't try that unless you've fileted a fish before.

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        OMG! That site is awesome! The food look so delish...and easy. Thanks for the advice!

      2. sounds like the "usual suspect" meats are covered except for fowl / fish.
        depending on what your grill set up will be, I'd:

        roast whole chickens / possibly beer can chickens. Carve them up, and serve with
        grilled veggies. If you are proficient in mole, I would advise to make some, and bring it frozen, or supplement one of the store brands, and bring it frozen as well, OR, buy some from a resto that you know is good.

        Roast some cornish hens off, and serve with grilled shrooms, zucchini and potatoes. Everybody gets their own little birdie!

        grill chicken breast, and thighs for chicken tacos, and set up a taco bar type deal (or fille the table) with all the standard fixin's / sides. I might also grill up a nice piece of fish for fish tacos along with this.

        grill up a nice piece of fish with a grilled veggie salad. Mango salsa for a topping?

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          i second the beer can chicken tasty and looks cool!
          I am not sure where you are camping but when we camp we like trout or fried catfish, hushpuppies, and onion rings fried over the coleman stove of course we also do frog legs if someone has them.

        2. still lots of options for ya........

          -half chickens in a tandoori marinade. naan toasts up well on the bbq. a nice fresh salad and some bbq corn and you are set.
          -korean ribs would be a nice treat as well
          or you could do a middle eastern kebab with thick pita, tzaziki, bbq veggies an roasted potatoes on the bbq

          1. Everytime we go camping I pick up a few links of kielbasa and we make them on the grill. That with some campfire potatoes or rice and dinner is done! It's not the usual burgers or dogs that everyone is used to and the kielbasa is really great on the grill. I always make extra, chop it up and them use it the next morning for to make homefries/hash.