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Jun 25, 2008 02:09 AM

What ever happened to Tortilla Flats in Littleton, Colorado?

I lived in the Denver area for many years and have been back to visit several times. I remember when Tortilla Flats announced they were closing down. They had a guest book for all to sign so they could notify "regulars" of their new address. I will be returning to Denver at the end of the week, but cannot find anything about the old restaurant or the family that owned it. Any ideas?

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  1. I got this from Yahoo Local. Don't know if you've already found this out or not (or if it's accurate). Tortilla Flat
    (303) 794-7300
    2850 W Church Ave, Littleton, CO

    1. They decided to not open again. Ernie Estrada was the owner, and he decided it was just too much work for not enough return to run a restaurant. He owns several apartment buildings around the area here, and I guess he's happy doing that instead.

      Also, the address the other person posted on Church Ave was the old address that doesn't exist anymore.

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        What a flash in the past. I went to school with Ernie and left Colorado some 37 years ago and still have memories of the pork burritos smothered with green chile sauce-hot served at Tortilla Flats in Littleton, Co.

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          I'm from Philly but my sister lived just around the block from Tortilla Flats. The BEST food ever. It was the first time I ever had chilli relienos. Sitting outside with my dad looking at the Platte River is a great memory. Too bad they closed. If your in Philadelphia try Las Margaritas in the Northeast section located at Welsh Road and Roosevelt Blvd. Very good food.

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          Would the Estrada family be interested in sharing their recipes? My family went to Tortilla Flats every week. I would love the recipe for red chili!!

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            1. i called the number 303 794-7300 and got"no longer in service." This place has been gone for quite sometime, about 16 years or more. It was my favorite and I had gone to it since 1964 but it's gone.