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Jun 25, 2008 12:20 AM

Top 10 restaurants/bars Montreal

Coming for vacation in early July. There will be two of us & we are up for anything (everything!) We are in our early thirties. Here's my list. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
1. Olive et Gourmando
2. DNA
3. L' Express
4. Binerie Mont-Royal
5. Modavi
6. Kitchen Gallery
7. Tapeo
8. Cavalli
9. Cocagne Maccaronade
10. Les Cons Servent
2. Europea
3. 5e Peche
4. Garcon
5. Jolifou
6. Laloux
7. Montee de lait
8. Chateau Ramezay
9. La Chronique
10. Bistro Bienville
1. Globe
2. Med
3. Confessional
4. Cherry
5. Garde Manager
6. Le Reservoir
7. Holders
8. Petit Conti
9. Rosalie
10. Cavalli

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  1. You seem to have a lot of restaurants that are pretty much alike.

    I haven't eaten at most of the restaurants you listed here, but I can say that they are all very "Montreal" in style; good to very good (except Binerie, which offer traditional québec fare : baked beans, tourtière, ... )

    In the list, La Chronique is a notch above all the rest;

    Don't know about "Chateau Ramezay", maybe you are refering to the "Club Chasse Et Peche" ( that should be on your list) that opens a terrasse at the Chateau in the summer.

    Other suggestions : "La Porte", L'Atelier, Scwartz, La Banquise, Joe Beef, Liverpool House ( and the other new one), Bazaar Anise, Lemeac, Raza, Madre, ...

    As for the bars, most of them are also restaurants, you probably have to have something to eat to be able to drink); I don't really "do" bars, but I can suggest a few "beer" places that are nice, "Dieu Du Ciel", "Sergent Recruteur", "Billy Kun", and a few others ...

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Great suggestions! Thanks a million.

    2. for lunch id recommend "m:brgr" on drummond

      also, if its your first time, you gotta try montreal's unique "orange julep"...its on me, you cant miss it!

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      1. re: okayy

        I'd recommend AGAINST going to m:brgr unless you want to spend way too much for overpriced and just-decent burgers. Go to La Paryse instead if you really need a burger.

      2. oh yeah and if your looking for an interesting experience you gotta try "O Noir"....having dinner in complete darkness!

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        1. re: okayy

          Wow, "O Noir" sounds really interesting. The food is good too? What's an orange julep? Is decarie a street name?

          1. re: kelarry

            The Orange Julep is a Montreal insitution. Basically it's greasy-spoon food (hot dogs, fries, club sandwiches, etc.) served from a giant orange. The specialty of the house is a foamy orange drink which I happen to love, but not everyone does. ;-)

            It's located at 7700 Décarie, corner Paré.



            For a few Chowhounders' takes on O Noir, see:

            O Noir in Montreal...any comments?

        2. CC&P / Château Ramezay is only opened for lunch, Monday through Friday. I'm also not sure that Kitchen Galerie does lunch. Both are, in my opinion, amazing, so I would switch lunch at Kitchen Galerie for lunch at Europea, and dinner at Chateau Ramezay for dinner at Tapeo (don't get me wrong - Tapeo has nothing to do with CC&P -which you must try. As a matter of fact, if you want tapas, I would chose Pinxto all the way).

          As for bars, I would ban Globe, Med, Rosalie (tooo wannabe trendy) and Holder (too much of a restaurant) and would add the Suite 701 Terrace, Plan B and Baldwin. You also must know that you cannot just have a drink at Petit Conti - you must eat as well, because they don't have the "bar only" licence.


          1. The original comment has been removed