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Jun 24, 2008 11:05 PM

Koutouki Chain RIPOFF

Yiannis and the Koutouki chains overpriced. RIPOFF!

I'll never step foot in another again. Next thing you know they'll be charging for table water and napkins.

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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but more details would be helpful :)

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    1. re: yen

      LOL...since I frequent Theo's Ouzeria in the west end I too would appreciate some details.

      I do however share your view [...I think] about prices. It does not take very much to ring up a fairly hefty bill but that has been my experience with Greek restaurants in Edmonton in particular and the west generally.

      Quite a different experience from the Greek spots on Park Avenue and Jean Talon West while growing up in Montreal.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        Each restaurant has very different prices and policies. I was incredibly impressed wih the Leduc location and when we needed a little extra pita or dips or anything they were usually given to us without an addition to the bill. I say usually but not always. We thought we would try out the southside location recently. A large group of 20 with drinks and wine and a large bill were nickeled and dimed on every request. The service itself was poor and then the gratuity was already tacked on at the end...which I understand is normal industry wise...but when your unhappy you should have some recourse (sigh, just needed to vent). I understand the Leduc location is now changing management so I expect its quality will plummet and we will be finding another place to spend our coin.

        1. re: pinko74

          I ABSOLUTELY concur. Koutouki South is a complete rip off. From our visit we won't be going back their either. (see past post)

          1. re: pinko74

            Just my 2 cents...imho a lot of restos are overwhelmed by such a large party. Did they know you were coming? If not that could explain a lot.

            In my experience gratuities are usually automatically tacked on for groups of 8+...saves a server from working like a dog for 2+ hours and getting a toonie for their trouble (not that I'm saying YOU would tip that way, but it's happened).

            As for the extra pita & dips at no sounds like the policy was to charge but that they sometimes ignored policy. I'd expect to be charged for an extra order of pita or dip... but maybe it's just me.

            If it were me I'd give the place another chance...maybe with a smaller group.

            1. re: pinko74

              Why do you think that charging for the food you are asking for is being "nickeled and dimed on every request"? Don't you think you should have to pay for what you order? Maybe bringing an extra pita to a table of 2 or 4 is something that they might do for free, but with a large group, it can add up to a lot of food given away. Yes, you probably had a large bill with drinks, but no more than a handful of smaller tables would collectively.

            2. re: Bob Mac

              Oh I miss Montreal food! Although I have to say, the last time I had Greek in Montreal the bill wasn't exactly tiny...Things have changed a bit price wise since I left in '99. I will however pack a picnic and take the kids to the tamtams this summer when we visit....thankfully some things don't change :)

                1. re: Bob Mac

                  A recurring Montreal drum circle basically - gentrified. Ostensibly "drumming for peace"... but it's pretty cool.

                  1. re: yen

                    ah, ok...that group who gather at the monument at the base of Mount Royal across from Fletcher's Field?

                    Got it, thanks Yen

          2. I'm not a fan of Koutouki's either. But there's not much competition around here, so they can charge what they want. I'm only judging based on my one experience there though. The food was good, but we left with the feeling that we would have paid half the price for food of comparable quality back home in Toronto (to be fair though, Toronto does have a huge Greek population and restaurant community, so perhaps it's not a fair comparison).