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Jun 24, 2008 10:31 PM

Carne Asada

Does anyone know a good recipe for cooking carne asada in a crock pot?

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  1. Carne asada is grilled meat and I don't think it would be very good in a crockpot. It certainly wouldn't have the same flavor or texture. Cooking it on a rack in the oven would give better results. I lived in Mexico 10 years so I' m familiar with Mexican food.

    1. Are you planning on using thin sliced meat from the carniceria (Mexican butcher), or something else? Anyways, the usual asada is a thin cut that has been lightly marinated and then quickly grilled.

      1. Carne asada means grilled meat in Spanish. For a carne asada, my favorite cut is skirt steak-delicious flavor when cooked med-rare. Although you can technically make ribs or pulled pork in a slow-cooker (but you can't call it barbeque!!!), you can't do the same for carne asada. If you want to do something in a crockpot, try a chuck roast:)

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          what do you use for a marinade? TIA

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            I am not the poster, but I use some kind of citrus, usually lemon (it should be lime, but I have a lemon tree), salt, garlic (not too much), a dash of oil, and some kind of green chile in long slices (like serrano or jalapeno). A Mexican co-worker showed me a trick of adding a dash of Worcestershire, which adds something, but is probably not too authentic. The Mexican markets around here sell pre-sliced "carne asada" meat. It looks like some kind of round, or maybe a cross-rib roast cut against the grain in thin slices. Good corn tortillas and home made salsa, yum!

        2. Try making a small piece of brisket in your slow cooker instead There are lots of recipes for brisket tacos out there.

          1. Might be a regional difference in naming for you. Carne asada in my area is only used for steak - usually skirt steak. Some of the restos here will prepare it on a griddle (I will VERY RARELY IF EVER) order it from a place that did that. For the most part, I will only order carne asada from a place that char grills it. I make it at home with regularity as well. It's quick cheap, and delicious as all get out.

            Your post leads me to believe that you might be better off searching the web for a recipe for "barbacoa." Essentially it would be a form of pot roasted or steamed beef used for tacos. In this area, that's what it's called - barbacoa.