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Jun 24, 2008 10:04 PM

Jerusalem vs. NY

I will ai"h be in jerusalem this summer. I would like to try what I can’t get in NY. My nephews tell me to just find some good falafel and schwarma hole in the wall and enjoy. Is that all there is? Recommendations please.

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    1. You should check You can read write ups and reviews of plenty of restaurants and decide for yourself. Many restaurants also offer coupons for 10% off on the web site. The israeli "holes in the wall" are also good and don't necessarily advertize on the web site. You will find a number on Aggrippas such as Simmas, Sami's and a number of places that sell meat by the skewer. Meat that you will find there that you generally don't find in NY would be chicken hearts, goose liver, and other various organ meats.
      Other recommendations (small sample) include:
      Papagaio - All you can eat Brazilian (avoid the bread and eat a little of everything until you know what you want, and then keep going
      )Vaqueiro - All you can eat Brazilian
      La Boca - Argentinian Steakhouse
      1868 - French and expensive
      Shawarma place on Ben Yehuda
      El Gaucho

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        "Shawarma place on Ben Yehuda"

        just be careful it's cooked, a few years back they served my wife some "raw" shawarma. at that store

      2. This may sound like an odd suggestion, but take a look at Joan Nathan's cookbook, "The Foods of Israel Today" (check for it at your library). It is about 5-6 years old, but she mentions lots of hole-in-the-wall restaurants in her essays about all sorts of cuisines. Be sure to sample Moroccan foods, as well as all sorts of Middle Eastern Specialties. And ice cream bars.
        I wish I had made copies of several of the pages about bakeries, felafal and schwarma stands, etc. before my last trip.
        We had a lovely dinner at a dairy restaurant on an alley off of Ben Yehuda, that is a combined book store and restaurant. Can't remember the name. Le Bibliotheque?
        Have fun. p.j.

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          You are probably referring to T'mol Shilshom. Good food, nice environment, but not truly special food.

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            Right, thanks. I agree with your assessment. I probably couldn't afford "truly special" food. I was happy eating in a place that had lots of Israelis, and we were treating several students to dinner.

          2. re: p.j.

            I think you are talking about tmol shilshom