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Jun 24, 2008 09:38 PM

Babymoon in San Diego - Where To Eat With Our 3 Month Old?

Hi All,

We're headed to San Diego in August for a wedding with our baby for our first trip as a family! The last time I was in San Diego must have been at least 15 years ago so I really have no idea of its offerings. Since we're going to be with Baby Suebee, fine dining or anything resembling fine/quiet dining is not in the cards, but we're hopeful we can still find some chow-worthy destinations.

We're staying in Old Town to be near the wedding reception (at Zocalo) so ideally we'd like to find places in or near Old Town. Is this a particularly touristy part of town and if so are there any hidden gems? What neighborhoods are near Old Town and what spots would you recommend in these neighboring areas?

Should Hodad's in Ocean Beach be a priority? Also, are there any places to hit along the way from LA?

Thanks San Diego hounds for your recommendations and insights!


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  1. With respect to Old Town, you have Berta's (S. American cuisine) and Harney Sushi, for something different from the standard Mexican fare, but I like the Old Town Mexican Cafe (look for the crowd) for a margarita and some carne asada tacos - another plus - it's so noisy a crying baby won't be noticed.

    You might check out the little ghetto of restaurants at the foot of Washington Street - Lucha Libre, Yoshino, Saffron, the Wine Vault and Bistro (not sure if baby appropriate) & Gelato Vero - but avoid El Indio. Except for the chips it's highly overrated. A little further down India (take Kettner on the other side of the fwy to go South) Blue Water Grill is good. Up the hill in the Mission Hills/Hillcrest area you have Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe, Venissimo Cheese, the Huddle, Bronx Pizza, Bread and Cie. I also really like Hodad's in OB for big messy burgers. In Point Loma you could try Point Loma Seafoods, Cupcakes Squared, The Pearl, Con Pane Bakery, and I am sure there are more. Basically, I'd recommend looking for restaurants in Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Downtown, and Point Loma in addition to Old Town. If you're interested in Asian food, there are also some great places in Linda Vista/Clairemont - K Sandwiches, for one - do a search for "Convoy" for many others. Enjoy!

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      Great recs - especially the foot of Washington Street. The Wine Vault is not baby or kid appropriate as it is 21 & over only, and I don't think the Pearl is either (although at Sunday brunch you would not notice a baby crying over the decibel level of the loud DJ or the party crowd trying to yell over it). ;-)

      1. re: Alice Q

        Jimmy Carters is closed and gone.

        1. re: binkychow

          did it just to move to a new location - i swear i drove past it somewhere in the last couple of weeks.

          1. re: binkychow

            I know there's one on 5th, in the Bankers Hill/Hillcrest area - I thought the one in Mission Hills was still there next to the Sausage King - I wonder what's in that spot now?

            1. re: Alice Q

              The family that owns the liquor store next door took over the place. They are still going to be doing Mexican food, but "more upscale". They have renovated the place, actually has windows you can look in from the street.

            2. re: binkychow

              Jimmy Carter's Cafe is still there on 5th but Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe closed on Washington.

            3. re: Alice Q

              Thanks so much Alice Q! Your list, I'm sure, will more than cover our needs for the weekend. I have a few additional questions for you, but I'll email you directly.

              Love your blog too! It's been a big help in planning this trip.

              Thanks again!

              1. re: Suebee

                Thanks - that's very nice of you!

            4. In Old Town itself the only 2 I would recommend are Berta's and Casa Guadalajara.

              Follow Alice Q's pretty comprehensive list for other surrounding areas.

              1. We ate everywhere with our kids when they wee each 3 months. We would just time dinner around sleep time. Remember like wild animals they sense your fear.

                Try lunch at Safron Thai noodles on India Street, it is very casual and the food is always very good, You order at a counter and they bring it to your table.