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Jun 24, 2008 09:26 PM

Cupcake flavors

Okay, my best friend has me making about a million cupcakes for her husband's surprise 40th and I'm practicing. I've done Giada's Chocolate Chip and Mascarpone Cupcakes which are fabulous and easy. I also frosted some of them with Ina's PB frosting...super good as well. I did Paula's Orange Blossom which uses a cake mix, but its pretty darn delicious. Any other ideas? I have to do a German Chocolate b/c that is the b-day boy's fav. So, that gives me 3 different kinds of chocolate, a citrus, and perhaps a strawberry, or a white? I want to make sure I have something for everyone. Does anyone have a great strawberry cupcake recipe that doesn't use a mix? Any other flavors appreciated. I would like to stay away from red velvet and coconut as I already have 3 different chocolates and coconut is sorta iffy.


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  1. In case you are unfamiliar with them, Meyer lemons are a lemon-tangerine type cross which is a more mellow citrus then lemon. They are not commonly available, but Trader Joe's has a Meyer Lemon Cake mix which is very good. I use melted butter rather than oil, and add a cup of bagged shredded coconut. Creme cheese frosting decorated with the large toasted coconut curls sometimes sold at TJ's.

    I love rhubarb and recently added some diced, plus diced dried apricots, to a standard quick-loaf recipe, which was very good and would make good cupcakes.

    1. How about lemon-blueberry cupcakes? My favorite cupcake shop makes a lemon cupcake that's filled with a dollop of lemon curd, then it's topped with lemon-vanilla buttercream icing and a handful of fresh blueberries. Heaven!


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        Anne- sounds like heaven!! you wouldn't happen to have the recipe would you?

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          Sorry, I don't. The bakery is three blocks from my house, so I just walk up there when I have a craving.

          But I'm guessing that any good white cupcake recipe would work if you used lemon extract instead of the vanilla - ditto for a buttercream frosting. You could even add some lemon zest to either or both (though I don't think my neighborhood cupcake bakery does this). Then scoop a little hole in the top-center of the cupcake before you frost it and drop in some lemon curd. Frost and sprinkle with fresh blueberries. Yum!


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            Yes, I was thinking about doing exactly that! I might swap the orange blossom for this lemon as I prefer to do all completely homemade cupcakes. I'm also very interested in the Martha strawberry recipe. I'm still testing. I'll keep you guys updated on testing and how the cupcakes are received at the party (Late July).

      2. I love cupcakes, heck I just love cake! I've been wanting to try these flavors: margarita; champagne with a light coat of raspberry, filled with lemon cream and frosted some kind of white. For a strawberry cupcake, I would make the champagne cake, frost the cupcake with a very light icing, and topped with a fresh strawberry. Let us know how it turns out.

        1. Martha Stewart has a "to die for" strawberry cupcake recipe. Report back and let us know what you end up making for the party, sounds like fun!

          1. Sorry to disobey your instructions, but I just have to say that my fave chocolate cupcakes are Kara's salted ones (sea salt sprinkled on the frosting) - delicious!

            I'm thinking of making it at home with bacon bits...