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Jun 24, 2008 09:08 PM

Tapas for Vegetarians?

Hello Hounders,

I'm looking to take a first date to a tapas spot this Friday night, but I just found out that she's a vegetarian (I'm not quite sure I want to hound her about what that means exactly quite yet). I think the tapas vibe and atmosphere would be perfect, and I've been wanting to eat some good tapas for a long time. Are any of you vegetarians and have had positive experiences at a tapas bar? I'll be into the meat for sure, but want to make sure she has enough options that extend beyond cheese, bread, and fried peppers. If there don't seem to be good ones, I might scratch tapas and try something else. Oh, and also, I'd like this restaurant to be in walking distance to some good places to grab a drink afterwards that won't be overrun, although I understand on a Friday night that could prove difficult.

LES/Evillage places like Degustation, Sala, Xunta and SaborNY are in the running. I love Tia Pol and Boqueria, but there really aren't very many good bars in drinking distance. Any other recommendations for veggie tapas/drinks afterwards would be appreciated.


Korean Tiger

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  1. I love Pipa! I would try that...GREAT atmosphere!

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      i'm a big fan of pipa as well. there lots of great places in the area for a drink. you can take a stroll to flatiron lounge. there tons of spots in the n'hood of gramercy/flatiron to go to. i haven't been to the other tapas places mentioned but they are all on my list. i just love the atmosphere of pipa. however it can be noisy on a friday night. alta is another good option.

    2. Casa Mono has a pretty good vegetarian selection. The bar scene in that area is not too hot, but it's not a far walk to the East Village.

      Good luck on your date. My first date with my husband was at Tia Pol. I agree that tapas vibe is a good choice for a first date. We ended up closing the place down.

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        I have had wonderful vegetable dishes at Casa Mono - the pan con tomate is fantastic - every time we go with my BIL/SIL we end up ordering several of them. I would suggest that you call though to confirm that the vegetable options are vegetarian. The artichokes, if on the menu, are fantastic, as were the ramps, though I think they are now out of season.

      2. I actually just went to Boqueria the other day with three vegetarians (they eat dairy) in tow and they were very happy (one of them actually suggested it!). Spinach with chickpeas, patatas bravas, pan con tomate of course, peppers, the salads, and I believe they asked for all mushroom croquetas as well. Hope that helps.

        1. Aye, sorry, and I forgot to add Sala in there, too. I often go there with my veggie friends (I know a lot of Indian people!) and they are big fans of this place too. I think Sala Bowery has a lot more to offer for vegetarians of the two places (I like the mushroom tapas and goat cheese and honey best) and as you said it's near fun bars. Hope your date goes well!

          1. I agree w/the recs for Boqueria (Flatiron Lounge is just a few storefronts down), Tia Pol, and Casa Mono. You might also want to try an Italian "tapas" place or cheese bar, e.g., Casellula or Gottino.