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Jun 24, 2008 08:58 PM

Steak Tomorrow- Primehouse, Old Homestead, or Porterhouse

Treating myself to a nice steak dinner tonight. I have a 5 pm reservation for OH but am rethinkning it. I dont get to go out too often and really wanna great dinner tomorrow to satisfy my craving, OH is supposed to be an institution and I am dyin to try the Gotham Rib Steak. However their sides and desserts seem boring. And they dont have mac n cheese which bummed me out.

Primehouse I have seen mostly good things but am kinda weary since they are brand new and not a traditional steakhouse. But I love their menu sides and desserts. Looks really nice.

Porterhouse same as Primehouse. Love the menu, but kinda new.

where should I go?

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  1. 1st choice for me would be chile-rubbed ribeye at Porterhouse

    2nd choice would be dry age Kansas city sirloin and old school hashbrowns at Primehouse

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      1. re: drumwine

        The only thing is I like my steak bone-in. I see the Porter House has a Cowboy steak on their menu. How is Prime House's bone-in ribeye?

    1. Dude, how many times do you need to ask the same question? If you are dying to try the Gotham Rib steak just do it.

      1. Is today your last day on earth? If not then why not just go to all three. Start with OH tonight, then PorterHouse next Wed, then Primehouse the following Wed.

        They're all great - you're splitting hairs at this point.