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Jun 24, 2008 08:46 PM

Don Memo

The taco truck at 38th and Sansom is gone for the summer - but has taken on restaurant form in Upper Darby, a block from the 69th st terminal.

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  1. Do you have any additional details on this? The website for the restaurant at the address on the map ("Sol") says it serves Cuban and Venezuelan cuisine rather than Mexican... I am going through serious carnitas burrito withdrawl!

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      Yeah, that was the former restaurant in the space. Don Memo opened up late last month. I don't want to rave too much about the food, because I am friendly with the owner and so probably biased. But it's an expanded offering of what was at the truck, with larger portions and more emphasis on presentation--the quesadilla is almost too pretty to eat.

      More reading:

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        uploading image, again....

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        Went for lunch - it was awesome! I almost miss the truck, it's much easier to decide between the limited options there than it is to pick from the fairly expansive menu. The highlights today included table-side, mashed guacamole and the fried quesadilla (which was ridiculously tasty and filling). Scanned the take-out menu, which is hopefully attached to this post....

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          ROCK ON-- can't wait to go! As someone with no biases towards the owner, I will say that if the restuarant is even half as good as the little cart it will still be the best Mexican food in the Philly area. My mouth is watering on my keyboard... thanks for the info and menu!

      3. Stopped by tonight for a very nice dinner at the new Don Memo. Quiet at first (we arrived a bit on the early side, around 6), but business picked up with a number of Mexican families. My son's chicken tacos were excellent (similar to what was available at the truck); I had a quite nice carne asada (surprised a bit that the meat was something like chip steak, but it was tasty enough, and it went very nicely with the delicious beans, salsa fresca, and fresh hot tortillas. My horchata complimented the meal perfectly, and my son loved his strawberry shake. We'll look forward to returning.

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          My wife ate at Don Memo (Garrett Rd. Upper Darby) tonight. We were expecting Sol's, and I've never heard of the taco truck; but we were very pleasantly surprised. We both had the Mole Poblano and it was delicious, served with homemade tortillas. The place was very quiet for a Sunday evening but with the reputation of the taco truck I am sure this place will be discovered.