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Jun 24, 2008 07:59 PM

Any comments on Red Pearl in San Diego (downtown)?


Any comments on Red Pearl in downtown San Diego (Gaslamp)? Good flavors? Or is it more of a PF Changs-type place?


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  1. I have really enjoyed it, definitely not a chain style type place. Subtle and complex flavors, bold flavors, a nice mix of accessible styles (Pan asian? not sure what to call it) and some intersting adventurous dishes. Unfortunately I read that the Chef had left so I am not sure what is going on there now.

    1. I love this place -- last time I was there was in March so I haven't tried it since the latest chef left. PF Chang is great for a tasty meal, but Red Pearl is a step above with more adventurous flavors and some really knock-out dishes. I was skeptical when my friend said we had to get the edamame appetizer, but it is amazingly addictive, wok-fried with garlic and sesame seeds and other things. The noodles are great. Cocktails are a bit pricey but so delish. Definitely try it. It does fill up and get noisy later in the evening, so if you don't like crowds, get there a little earlier