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Jun 24, 2008 07:48 PM

Best Risotto in Toronto

Where can I find it?

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  1. Good question, I'd like to know too. (sorry i don't have any suggestions, i'm afraid of ordering risotto because of how disappointing it can be if done badly)

    1. I really like risotto, but have had some disappointing experiences.....
      People on the board seem to really like Mistura's beet risotto ... You can search the board for previous threads.

      1. Risotto is extremely time sensitive, two minutes either way and the result is disappointing. That is why even the best restaurants can have the occasional poor result.

        Get a few good recipes and try yourself, it is actually pretty easy one you get the swing of things.

        Start with using quality ingredients like a carnaroli or vialone nano and a good stock, like roasted chicken. I have found that an inexpensive Trebbiano d'Abruzzo is the best white wine for risotto, and it is one of the cheapest whites around.

        1. I never think of risotto once the weather gets warm, but anyway... Mistura would be a good place to start. A couple of years ago I had a very good risotto at Mia Romagna, on Front St. near Jarvis.

          1. Mistura, if it's still on the menu. I've had it there and it was quite good, though risotto is definitely one of the most hit-or-miss dishes.

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              I don't think Massimo would ever take his famous beet risotto off Mistura's menu. It has become one of their signature items and IS TO DIE FOR, even in summer. We always order one to split as an appetizer.