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Jun 24, 2008 07:47 PM

Cincinnati recs near Riverbend

Will be attending a concert at Riverbend Saturday night. Would love some good food but very casual atmosphere (likely be wearing shorts).

Any recs?

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  1. The Anderson Towne Center --up 275 about 10 minutes , get off at Beechmont exit) has a modern tapas place and a Mediterranian place that we like a lot. There's an Unos there too--if that is what you like.

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    1. re: gungadin

      Ate at the Mediterranean Cafe last night, and thought it was terrific. Pricing is moderate. Also not far from Riverbend is Allyn's Cafe in Columbia-Tusculum. And it's a stone's throw to Highland Heights, Ky., just across the river. Does anyone know anyplace there?

      1. re: johnbycz

        Glad to hear good things about the new Mediterranean place at Anderson Towne Center, and I second the recommendation of Allyn’s.

        AJ’s Roadhouse (east of Riverbend and River Downs on Rt. 50) is probably the restaurant closest to Riverbend. I heard the afore-mentioned tapas place (Latitudes) is closed and in any case, I wouldn’t recommend it. Other possibilities near Anderson Towne Center are El Ranchito and the newly renovated Pelican’s Reef (anyone been there lately?). FYI, I think you’ll find the Five Mile exit off I-275 a faster route between Riverbend and Anderson Towne Center than the Beechmont exit.

        1. re: intuitive eggplant

          I've been a fan of Pelican's Reef for a while. It's in my neighborhood, and it's simple. It is mostly competent seafood (as opposed to Red Lobster, which is not) in a barroom setting, and the food is often better than that. The calamari is very good, and they have a pasta dish with mussels and a roasted red pepper sauce that's really good, and a steal at $9. The owners are friendly. Now I'm hungry.

          I like El Ranchito but I'm reluctant to recommend Cincinnati Mexican to out-of-towners, fearing a "you call this Mexican?" response. Not too much farther is El Coyote, which is Tex Mex; I've taken many friends and family there and they've all loved it. I usually get the empanadas, or carnitas fajitas (pork tenderloin!), or the ribeye, which is in my mind one of the best steaks in town. Good mashed potatoes and good mac-and-cheese. El Coyote also has the best margaritas in town. I might consider El Coyote the one can't-miss recommendation for a close-to-Riverbend meal when you're wearing shorts. Or Allyn's.

          I'm also reluctant to recommend Cincinnati Italian. I like Bella Luna in Linwood, which also is close enough to consider for Riverbend. Next door is Terry's Turf Club -- there's good buzz about the burgers there, but it's a small place and I've never been able to get a table there.

          Now I'm really hungry.