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Jun 24, 2008 07:37 PM

Thai Bistro - Calgary

Hey first post here but long time reader.

I just came home from an awesome dinner at Thai Bistro and was compelled to write a review. Normally I wouldn't do this but since the place was empty I felt something had to be done.

Overall the resto was very nice looking and is located in china town on center street (next to U and Me). I can guess that the main downside to this location is lack of good parking and is somewhat hidden in the corner and restos in this location usually don't last very long (the last one resto here was a viet joint that lasted maybe half a year).

In general, the food was very authentic and had a flavouring/spices that were stronger than the other thai restos in calgary. Also, the presentation was very well done and you can tell a lot of effort was put into the dishes. I feel that a problem with the other Thai resteraunts in calgary is that it seems that the food is just slapped on the plate in a pile while thai bistro sorta layered it on. Taste wise, thai bistro is way too good and way too authentic to be this empty! dishes were 10-15 dollars.

the highlight of my meal was the dessert which was a sticky rice with coconut milk and mangos. Although most thai restos have this, I found that this was the best because this is the first time the sticky rice was at a warm temperature (other places are either too cold or piping hot). Also, they had these mung beans (i think they were mung beans lol) that were toasted and sprinkled on.

the only knock on the meal was that we started off with these fish cakes that came with a plum sauce with peanuts and i think had fish sauce in it. the fish cakes were pretty meh as i'd have better. The rest of the meal was awesome however and they gave us a LOT of seafood for one our dishes.

overall, an excellent resteraunt with a poor location but hopefully it can live to see many years!

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    1. Thank you for the review marauder, and Welcome to the Board :)

      1. Actually this place was most recently a latin american joint... anyway, thanks very much for reviewing this place!

        I agree that this is a tricky location but it's always interesting and inspiring to see restaurant in a location that appeared cursed, sometimes with good reason re: accessibility or whatever, and then this new place breaks the pattern. Mirchi is a great example of this despite a lack of dedicated parking and tiny size, and another example is the lovely new Thai Tai in the space that was the always-empty Grabbajabba and then a couple of other very sad coffee shops. All we need is word of mouth here because God knows we can use more good Thai in Calgary!

        Next time I'm in Chinatown I'll make a beeline.

        1. Thanks own personal favorite is Royal Thai, down south on MacLeod Trail...excellent curries that makes it a once a week staple.

          1. The food at this restaurant is delicious and very nicely presented. The prices are very good and the service is excellent.

            The restaurant recently received coverage in the Calgary Herald by John Gilchrist (the article said that the restaurant had been recommended to Gilchrist by an employee of a different Thai restaurant) but the owner told me tonight that it's still been very quiet.

            I really hope it can survive - I'm doing all I can to help by introducing friends to it!