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Jun 24, 2008 07:19 PM

New Fantasy Eatery in Times Square (Richmond Hill) - anyone been?

I hear that a second Fantasy Eatery has opened up where the old Tak Wor used to be at Times Square in Richmond Hill (and lineups are supposedly out the door already). .. anyone try it out yet? As good as the Scarborough one?

505 7 Hwy E, Richmond Hill - (905) 889-7288

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  1. Been there once, not as good as the original one. Both the wok hay and flavour are not controlled as good.

    1. My friend that works in the area (I used to frequent the original with him a lot) says it is really good, but extremely busy right now especially in the evenings.

      1. Went there for lunch today. Had one of the WORST Chinese meal in Richmond Hill! Stand out was a plate of 'Fried Ho-Fun ( rice noodle ) with beef!! Absolutely disgusting!The noodles were dry and partially burnt, the beef way overcooked and tough. Standard of the kitchen is nothing like their Scarborough sibbling.

        1. The food wasn't that good, not many drinks to choose from and the service was terrible.