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Jun 24, 2008 07:07 PM

Betel Leaf

Anyone know where I can find Betel leaf? I'm thinking Spadina, maybe Gerrard. Is there another name for it?

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  1. You can definitely get it at either of the two grocery stores in Chinatown East, and I can't imagine that the stores along Spadina wouldn't have it.

    Keep in mind that most of the produce in these stores is not labeled with their English names (or names at all... some stores just have "Vietnamese Herbs" written on all green leafy things in styrofoam), and many staff members don't speak English well enough to help you locate something. Thus, you should familiarize yourself with the appearance of what you're seeking so you're prepared.

    1. You would find it in Little India, Gerrard and Coxwell. Just ask for Betel leaf and they should be able to point it out.

      1. i know that you can get paan in the numan centre at hurontario and dundas if you live in the west end...but not sure if you can get just the leaf there...

        1. Vientiane Supermarket probably has them (up at Shepard and Warden). Great store!

          2 Bradstock Rd, Toronto, ON M9M, CA

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