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Jun 24, 2008 07:00 PM

Squid ink?

I had a squid ink pasta years ago and it was incredible. I've kept my eye out for it, but haven't really seen it around here except I had a fantastic grilled octopus in squid ink at Sorellina.
Has anyone had a good dish with squid ink recently?

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  1. No, but my peripatetic best friend e-mailed from Seoul last week, where she was enjoying a creme-filled donut whose dark color was because of squid ink. She also said the Dunkin Donuts there has donuts with flavors like green tea, melon, and mango. Not sure if the squid one was DD or not.

    1. The Daily Catch at the court house in So. Boston has a shrimp dish with a putanesca sauce, and I know that is terribly misspelled, that is served in a skillet. I've had it several times, and it's very good. They may also have the same dish in their No. End spot, although I've never eaten there.

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          Ditto Daily Catch. (The original on Hanover; it's by far the best.)

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          I've had the black squid ink pasta at Daily Catch with ground squid meat in the sauce. Fantastic.

        3. If you are interested in enjoying it at home, Salumeria Italiana on Richmond Street in the North End sells dried squid ink tagliatelle and spaghettti (though yesterday they were out of the tagliatelle). It is expensive ($8 for 500g of the spaghetti), but well worth it. The tagliatelle in particular is delicately rich, with a very smooth, almost oily mouth feel. Really fantastic with a simple condimento.

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            Thanks for the tips. I'll head over to Richmond Street and see if they have the dried pasta. yum!