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Jun 24, 2008 06:48 PM

Amazing brownie find at Costco...

Any brownie fans beware!! These are too good to be true!
Ghiradelli brownie mix at Costco (comes with 3 packs inside) $8.99.
I was at a very fancy corporate event and everyone was going mad for the brownies. The caterer ended up telling me her secret..Ghiradelli mix from Costco!
So I tried them on my own, and there are as good as I remembered.
Must try.

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  1. I found the same Ghirardelli brownie mix at Aldi , one box for $1.89. They had a variety of flavors..turtle, double chocolate and regular.

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    1. re: Living4fun

      do you live in the US? This is the only time I've seen these in Canada..

      1. re: burlgurl

        All the Publix supermarkets around us (Central FL) have them on the shelf.

        1. re: burlgurl

          I live in the US...Wisconsin, in a suburb of Milwaukee.

        2. re: Living4fun

          I am so glad to hear they are at Aldi's! I get them at the Jewel and the cost is much higher. Also, I remember thinking that I always bought triple chocolate but then one time there was only double on the shelf. The triple never appeared again so I decided I must have been mistaken and that they were always double. Seeing the posts about the existance of triple makes me feel less crazy.
          They are delicious.

        3. Ghirardelli brownie mixes are in the stores where I live, but I don't think they are the same variety as Costco. I could be wrong, but I think Costco carries the triple chocolate, and I have only seen double chocolate in grocery stores. Anyone have a different experience?

          1. This isn't new . . . my Costco has been selling the Ghiradelli brownie mix for the last couple of years, at least.

            1. The Ghiradelli brownie mix is worth the cost of the annual membership. The triple chocolate ones are amazing. And they are nuts free which is a very big deal in my house.

              I also bought a huge tin of G hot chocolate/cocoa mix last time I was at Costco and it is almost too chocolately for breakfast. Almost...

              1. now that the kids have moved to college, the mixed is banned at casa jfood. it is a great mix and almost impossible to stop eating.

                glad you found it,