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Jun 24, 2008 06:42 PM

Rehearsal dinner

Hoping for suggestions about a nice rehearsal dinner location in New Orleans. Wedding (and rehearsal) will be at St. Louis Cathedral, so something close by would be great, but not completely necessary. Party will be about 100 people.

Muriel's is a perfect spot and their pricing is in our range when you look at it per person, but the room can't be reserved without a guaranteed 15K before tax and tip, which would be a correct amount for about 140 people, not 100.

Any ideas? Much appreciated! This is for next summer by the way.

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  1. At those numbers, you have a lot of flexibility. If memory serves, Bayona a year and a half ago was asking 8K for a buyout. It would be a very nice choice. Good luck

    1. Call the Westin Canal Place and see if the restaurant space and balcony can be reserved. The view from the dining room and balcony over the River is spectacular. Food is good too!
      plus you have parking in the Canal Place parking garage for your guests.

      1. i am also having my rehearsal next year and will be at the st louis cathedral. I've looked into bacco and the pelican club. both are vrey reasonable in their pricing. also you can arrange for a cocktail hour with the W courtyard if you go with bacco. and i didn't like the way muriel's made you choose only one entree for everyone.

        1. i had my wedding at the cathedral, too. we rented out the courtyard at Louis XVI. we also negotiated for an adjoining rooms so the older folks could sit in the AC, etc. beautiful setting and good food. it was a cocktail party type deal. not a seated dinner. not sure they could accommodate a seated dinner for 100. not sure what your plans are. also, my wedding was last september, and with the fans in the courtyard it wasn't too hot. they say the courtyard is 10 degrees cooler than the temp outside. also, the have a big retractable cover over the courtyard in case of rain.