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Jun 24, 2008 06:40 PM

Fantastic Italian Boston

Friends just came back from attending a wedding in Italy. We love great Italian food. The North End is chockablock (don't groan) with great places but where to narrow it down. This is for a birthday celebration for the two ladies (yes-me included) in the group who love to eat. Hopefully we won't break the bank. If NE fails, South End interesting newer places would also suffice. Is this too much to ask in one request? Sorry, but you Chowhounds never fail to satisfy. Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

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  1. My three favorites in the N.E. are (High-end) Prezza, (Mid Range) Terramia, (Moderate) Antico Forno. Lots of people on this board also seem to like Tratorria Toscano and Dante's in Cambridge too.

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      Thanks for your quick reply. I wimped out and stayed in my neighborhood going to 51 Lincoln in Newton. I was very underwhelmed. It had gotten very good Globe reviews and another best of 2007, but I would say ho hum....

    2. Prezza and Taranta are my favorites in the North End. Have fun!

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        Thanks for your reply as well. We went to 51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands which is in my area-had heard good things, but I would say quite mediocre-oh well....

      2. The original comment has been removed