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Jun 24, 2008 06:18 PM

Wilmington Suggestions

We're heading down to Wilmington for the first time (!) and would love some food suggestions, both expensive and more casual. Thanks!

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  1. Try doing a search and you'll find lots of suggestions. Some of my favs are Circa 1922, Trolley Stop, Salt Works, South Beach Grill, Dockside and Tower 7.

    1. Downtown:
      Deluxe - Upscale, nice evening dining 114 Market St
      Caprice Bistro - Upscale, nice evening dining 10 Market St
      Catch - Best lunch in town, no holds barred. Definitely try - local ingredients, seafood 215 Princess St
      The Copper Penny - pub food, casual lunch or dinner 109 Chestnut St
      The Basics -Upscale Southern Food, lunch or nice dinner - great cocktail menu 319 N Front St
      Big Thai - I think the best Thai food in town - lunch or dinner 1001 N 4th St

      El Guajiro - Authentic Cuban lunch 1015 S Kerr Ave
      Los Portalas Taqueria - Authentic Mexican lunch 1207 S Kerr Ave # B
      Indochine - Good Thai/Vietnamese food, not great, but really nice ambience and a local favorite 7 Wayne Dr

      Oleander/toward the beach/South part of town
      El Agave - inexpensive good Mexican, dinner or lunch 3803 Oleander Dr
      K38 Baja - Another local favorite - slightly more upscale Baja/Southwestern good for dinner 5410 Oleander Dr
      Mason's Haunt - upscale dinner, kind of "continental", I guess. Good seafood 3315 Masonboro Loop Rd

      Near and on Wrightsville Beach:
      Osteria Chiccetti - Good Italian out at The Forum
      South Beach Grill - Good Seafood on the ICW side of Wrightsville Beach 100 S. Lumina Ave.

      There are other places that I'm sure others will recommend and fill in my gaps. I will say to not have high expectations of places with a water view. The best restaurants here are pretty much off the water. It's unfortunate, but those places on the river and the beach don't offer the best food in town.

      1. For a small city, Wilmington is blessed with many great independently owned restaurants. From upscale, to casual, to name it. Wilmington also has just about every ethnic cuisine. Here's a fairly current thread that has a lot of suggestions. Enjoy your stay and happy eating!

        1. you just gotta go to Dixie Grill (on lower Market St., near Front St.) for breakfast!

          1. Was just in Wilmington this past weekend and had some really good meals. Stayed in a loft above Deluxe and really enjoyed that. Upscale, but casual and good food and drinks. Around the corner was Circa 1922. Tapas style, but pretty interesting and a really good bar scene on the weekends. Caffe Phoenix is down the street and is a nice and casual lunch spot with decent sandwiches, salads, etc. Had breakfast at Dixie Grill and it was excellent. Probably the most casual of all the places we ate and potentially the best food. Just good comfort food at a good price.

            It was my first time in town and I was really pleased with the selection. Some of the beach places and some of the other touristy spots were really disappointing but the places I mentioned above were pretty solid. Enjoy!