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Jun 24, 2008 05:59 PM

Portland trip report

In town for a conference so hit up a few places:

1. Stumptown (the location near burnside bridge)
Panama Carmen Estate coffee, my style of coffee -- a floral, high acid, light bodied coffee. And, most notably it wasn't roasted too long, the floral notes are still there. I can easily believe that this comes in the top five coffees during the Panama cupping competition.

2. Voodoo Donuts
Blueberry cake donut with a light glaze -- easily the best donut I've ever had. Fresh blueberry flavors and not overly sweet. Chocolate glaze donut was good but not in the same league.

3. Noble Rot
Small plates and wine. Good wine -- 04 Artigas Priorat, a dry Riesling can't remember the name. Onion tart was yummy and roast chicken was good. Plates on the smaller side for the cost, but wine is good.

4. Zell's
Good breakfast, I didn't explore the menu except for a tofu-substituted feta omelette which doesn't do the place justice. They gave out free fresh mini-scones with fresh jam that were good.

5. Anzen
Lunch was salmon sashimi and small serving of hijiki salad for a total of about $6. Not bad in the Convention Center area. The store has suprising depth of Japanese product in this part of town.

6. Doug Fir
Drinks were fine, atmosphere was log cabin kitsch, and the music downstairs and band venue were one of the best. I can easily believe that this is the local version of LA's Spaceland.

7. Navarre
Spanish tapas. The lamb with pesto was notable. Good lentils, and yummy fresh olive oil with bread. The other dishes aren't sticking in my mind, but overall good quality and nice spot. Wines were fine, a vermentino by the glass and a rueda.

8. Find of the trip wasn't food -- Imelda's shoes.

Misses: Brazen bean has closed and I didn't make it to Laurelwood.

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  1. Thanks for the report! The food at Laurelwood is not good, so I wouldn't feel too bad about missing it. I'm glad that you liked Imelda's--next time try out Halo.

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    1. re: Nettie

      thanks, i guess missing laurelwood wasn't such a loss!

    2. You missed the best of PDX - try Pok Pok Thai next time.
      The eggs benedict at Milo's are outstanding too.

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      1. re: daawgon

        thanks, i'll put them on the to-do list for next time.

        clear creek distillery, simpatica, le pigeon, clyde common are on the to-do list too. it's too bad we spent time in the conference instead of eating, i think that might have been more rewarding.