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Jun 24, 2008 05:23 PM

Any great eats near Division and LaSalle?

I know Cafe Spiaggia is close to Division and LaSalle, but are there any other rec's within a walk or $10 cab ride? We're interested in restaurants where we won't feel out of place in nice jeans and a dress shirt - anything from gourmet sandwiches to fine dining. Thanks!

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  1. Salpicon
    Old Town Brasserie
    Topo Gigio
    Bistro Margot
    Merlo on Maple

    One of those should do the trick. Or Cafe Spiaggia.
    Le Colonial

    1. I live near there. The actual corner is abysmal (Popeye's at Clark, fake ID bars and so on). Walk west one block to Wells, then head north. You'll find several good restaurants before you hit North Ave., four blocks away. As mentioned Old Town Brasserie, Salpicon, Bistro Margot and Topo Gigio are all along that strip. You'll be dressed fine for all.

      For a $10 cab ride, you can get to most of the downtown, River North and Lincoln Park restaurants you have heard of here. Also, you're a block from the Red Line, which will give you access to just about anything on the North side and Chinatown on the South.

      You can also take the Division 70 bus at the corner, headed west, and get off at Damen. Many, many great restaurants in that area...about 15 minutes on the bus. Walk north on Damen for even more selection. This is the Wicker Park neighborhood and it's chock full of restaurants.

      1. Now you're in my briar patch. You have three good options. 1) Walk one block west to Wells then walk north into Old Town (a couple of blocks) where Wells is lined with restaurants all the way to North Avenue and even a bit beyond. 2) Walk east (LaSalle, Clark, Dearborn, State) and turn right on State. Within a block State merges with Rush and you are in the heart of a major restaurant district. Also, Division between Clark and State is all bars if you want some. 3) Walk one block east to Clark and take the Red Line (subway) to more distant parts. Or take the Clark 22 bus heading north into Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Andersonville for hundreds more options. Go to "chicago menus" which lists restaurants by neighborhood and shows you the menu.

        1. Bistrot Zinc is a few blocks SE of this intersection. I've only been for breakfast (more than once) and can say that it is wonderful. Be sure to sit up front by the huge windows on a nice day...although the entire place (near the window and far) does a great job and being authentically Parisian.