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Jun 24, 2008 05:23 PM

Sushi restaurants in Denver?

My favorite is Banzai on Leetsdale and I know everyone LOVES Sushi Den. Is anyone partial to any others in town and why? This is one type of cuisine, especially in a land-locked state, that I'm leery of just trying somewhere without a good recommendation. Thanks!

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  1. Sushi Tazu, 3rd and Fillmore in Cherry Creek North. Equal to anything on Pearl Street, and without the wait, usually, and much smaller and intimate. A family affair with enormous talent. Impressive selection of premium saki's, and lots of seating at the granite bar with beautiful views of iced fresh fish.
    An example ot the family's kindness: before Christmas a few years ago they gave me a magnum of what I knew was their most premium saki, and two wooden saki boxes, as a holiday gift.

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      Veggo- I love Tazu as well but it needs to be stated that "intimate" can also mean "extremely crowded with diners standing over your table staring at your food and wishing they could sit down". It's a weeknight place for us. Bill - I didn't try Sonoda's "back in the day" but am not a big fan now. It's got a cafeteria/chinese buffet quality to it. Looking forward to trying Banzai and Sasa (bring the platinum card). As posted previously- our go-to spots are (were) Sushi Den (weeknights), Hapa (Cherry Creek), Sushi Wave (Centennial), Bara (Greenwood Village) and Mori (RIP) <sniff>

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          Meg- yes... black arm bands... deep sorrow..

    2. We always had great sushi and tempura at Sonoda's. Most often, we dined at the Aurora location, but did venture downtown with the same results. Do not know if things have changed though, as it's been 10 years, since we lived there, and 5, since we last dined there.


      3108 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

      Sonoda's Sushi Seafood: Downtown (Lo Do)
      1620 Market St, Denver, CO 80202

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        Bill, I do think things have gone downhill at Sonoda's since you left. I've not eaten there, but have heard not good things from those who have.

        My favorites are Sushi Sasa for high-end sushi and atmosphere and Mori for delicious, cheap sushi in a space with little to no atmosphere (although they do karaoke!). The place in Writer's Square (Sushi Han?) is also perfectly serviceable if you are downtown and craving sushi for lunch.

      2. Sushi Sasa at 15th & Platte is superb. A lot of Sushi Den transplants work there. The omakase's gorgeous (about 1/2 cooked dishes, 1/2 raw); the regular menu emphasizes daily specials, from razor clams to Spanish mackerel...

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          A second vote for Sushi Sasa. Lunch special is simple (items like salmon terriyaki) and well-priced. But go for the omakase! An amazing variety of food, elegantly presented and tailored to your comfort level. I eat just about anything, and the monkfish liver I had there once was incredible. However, if you are only interested in rolls, you might be happier with a place like Bonzai.

          1. re: luckylily

            It's surprising how good the desserts that wrap up the omakase are too, and I don't have a much of a sweet tooth.

        2. I'm curious why you're leery of sushi in a land-locked state. Isn't it time to put to bed this old wives fear? We're closer to salmon and other West Coast or Hawaiian fish than any New York or Chicago restaurant. Closer to the Florida and Eastern Canada species than any restaurant in San Francisco or Seattle.

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          1. re: Pastajohn

            What's more, Sasa (and I'm sure many others) ships some fish direct from markets like Tsujiki in Tokyo...just like many of the celebrated coastal sushi bars.

            1. re: tatamagouche

              Which is even more reason to act on recs. Just because we're in a land-locked state doesn't mean that ALL sushi restaurants ship in. Isn't that why we have this board, PJ?

          2. Although I love sushi, I haven't had the opportunity to try very many places here in Denver as my husband is adamantly opposed to pretty much anything from the sea. That said, I had a girls' night out at Fontana Sushi (near Southwest Plaza, I think they have another location as well) a few months ago, and thought that the sushi there was really outstanding. I've also tried Kassai Sushi on Quebec, and it was perfectly fine, but nothing great. Will I be permanently banned from Chowhound if I admit that my absolute favorite California Roll ever is from Tokyo Joe's? (ducking and running...)

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              Itri - Your husband harbors a major misconception about sushi. Sushi contains rice and usually nori (seaweed), but not necessarily fish/shellfish, rawor otherwise. Americanized sushi, esp includes many types that feature only rice, nori and vegetables -- e.g., California roll that you also like.

              My husband isn't fond of sushi, but he always finds a teriyaki, tempura or noodle dish to order.

              Glad you have GFs with whom to indulge in sushi, even if your husband is "adament."

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                Well, he's also opposed to vegetables, so that doesn't help a whole lot! :p

                He would be fine with a teriyaki or noodle dish, but the "idea" of going to a sushi place is enough to turn him off. I'm fortunate that most nice restaurants have some variation of meat and potatoes for him. :-)

                1. re: itri

                  Sonoda's is not so good. Sushi Sasa is probably the best. Sushi Den is next (very busy atmosphere though--a plus for some a negative for others). Kaddy Corner from Sushi Den is a restaurant called "Izakaya Den" which was opened by the same owners of Sushi Den. This is a french-japanese fushion tapas restaurant--if you can imagine that. There are myo rolls (make your own); and a few other rolls with the same quality fish as Sushi Den, but then there are also more "french" dishes as well, all in appetizer sizes. The ambience is pretty cool in there, though I think the sushi, while decent, is not as good as Sushi Den. This is a good place to go if you are going with beginners or people who don't like sushi. Then you can have your cake and they can have theirs! ;)