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Jun 24, 2008 05:22 PM

Best Waterfront restaurant near Ithaca?

Hey all,

Ill be going to Ithaca over the 4th to visit my bf whos getting his MBA up there.... Im looking for suggestions on the best restaurant with a view in he ithaca area. Well have a car for the weekend, so it needn't be close by....anywhere along cayuga or seneca lakes? cuisine is unimportant as we both eat ANYTHING. Price under 75$ pp.


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  1. Haven't been there yet but have been dying to try Suzanne in Ovid, NY. If you go let me know what you think.

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    1. You may also want to consider Stonecat Cafe in Hector, NY (more casual than Suzanne's, but excellent food- was just there for brunch 2 weeks ago)

      or Dano's Heuriger in Lodi (probably the most casual place, but still very good food that encourages lingering and sampling of lots of small plates


      I just spoke with someone who was dined at Suzanne's this past month. His experience may be based on the fact that he was dining solo, but he felt the place was a little too stuffy, even though the food was delicious. YMMV since you're eating as a couple- plus, it could have just been an off day or an issue of perception.

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        thanks! :)

        Actually, I'd love suggestions for any good restaurants in the area- ot just waterfront :)

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          Oh, well in that case...I can name a few :-)

          Taste of Thai - On Ithaca Commons, great Thai food...I like the "Taste of Thai Chicken" and the "Thai Spicy Noodles" with the highest spicy rating of 5.

          Just a Taste - Tapas place on the Commons, great variety, delicious! Haven't been disappointed with any of the dishes there.

          Za-Za's Cucina - in my opinion, better Italian than Lucatelli's. Nice atmosphere as well. Only went there once right before I left Ithaca for good, but enjoyed it immensely.

          Maxie's Supper Club - Cajun, "down-home" style cooking. Fun atmosphere. I mainly ordered with the "Po' boy" sandwiches, all of which I enjoyed...the blackened catfish po' boy was my favorite.

          Viva Cantina/Viva Taqueria - Mexican place on the Commons, one side is sitdown and one side is fast/takeout. The sitdown side is very nice, and the dishes are very fresh tasting.

          Cafe DeWitt - This place hidden in the DeWitt Mall has a tasty weekend brunch, with creatively filled omelets, and dishes such as poppyseed pancakes.

          And of course Moosewood...only went there once but it was very good.

          Note...none of these are super fancy...Za-Za's is the most elegant I suppose. they will be well under $75 per person! I guess I didn't go to many of the fancy restaurants while I was there on a college budget.

          I greatly miss the Ithaca resturant scene!

      2. I'd be very interested in a waterfront recommendation as well. I've seen references to the Boatyard Grill and Glenwood Pines, but know nothing about them.

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          Glenwood Pines is great for what it is - a casual bar and grill on the west side of the lake. The burgers are excellent and hand-pattied, and the fried seafood is very good. Add some rings, fries and a Genny Cream Ale and you're all set ( I haven't been there for dinner, but their Delmonico steak is supposed to be great as well. Depending on your table, you can get a decent (elevated) view of the lake.

        2. I too would strongly recommend Dano's or Stonecat Cafe on the west side of Seneca Lake. You might also consider Simply Red Bistro, which is now located at the Sheldrake Point winery on the west side of Cayuga Lake. I haven't eaten there since they moved from Trumansburg, but have heard good reports. In fact, their old location on the Main St. in Trumansburg is now the excellent Hazelnut Kitchen, which I would also recommend, despite not being on a lake.